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Seasonal Trees & Plants

Seasonal color and texture are available right here at your fingertips with Bower & Branch as your landscaping companion! If it's not planting season in your area, then it's preorder season! The recipe for joyful gardening starts with dreaming and planning. Plan out your perfect garden with Bower & Branch exclusive Preorder Benefits; sit back as our growers hand-select and reserve your trees and plants just for you!

A Sunsation Magnolia planted in a landscape, showing off the tight branching structure to it and covered in dark green leaves

Sunsation Magnolia

Outrageous! Sunsation Magnolia will be a traffic-stopper in your landscape in spring. Brakes will squeal as gawkers stop for a better look. “What kind of tree covers itself in huge (seven-inch) yellow flowers?” they’ll wonder!


Gift Tree for All Occasions

Stressed about finding the perfect and UNIQUE gift? Bower & Branch would like to extend our helping hand to you with a gift that keeps on giving! Make memories for any gift occasion by giving one of our trees a forever home with your family!

USDA Organic Redhaven Peach closeup of the yellow fruit with red blush against deep green leaves

USDA Organic Redhaven Peach

Peach cobbler, peach pie, juicy fresh peaches right off the tree—these are some of the things you and your family will look forward to every summer when you grow a Redhaven Peach Tree in your yard!

Nikko Blue Hydrangea planted in a landscape various large rounded clusters of small blue four petal flowers emerging from large green conical shaped foliage

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Big and bountiful blue blooms would be the best way to describe the Nikko Blue Hydrangea - especially in early summer! In summer, large inch flower heads of blue florets blanket this shrub into early fall!

Close up of Rubber Rabbitbrush flowers, various clusters of small tubular yellow-gold colored flowers being pollinated by a monarch butterfly

Rubber Rabbitbrush

In late spring, early summer bright yellow blooms will remain visible till fall. Once the blooms have had their time in the sun it produces seed-like pods - seeds that provide a feast for birds to gear up for the winter season!

Goldflame Spirea planted in a landscape, pale green to yellow colored conical shaped foliage with red colored new growth

Goldflame Spirea

On the Goldflame Spirea in the early summer, you’ll see cloud-like pink flowers that decorate this bush, then summer brings the most beautiful of bright yellows and greens until the main show arrives for enjoyment!

Close up of Festiva Maxima Chinese Peony flowers, large white ruffled flowers with hints of dark pink in the centers emerging from long dark green conical foliage

Festiva Maxima Chinese Peony

Pah, Pah, Pa, Peonies! Bright white blooms sit atop green foliage, come June despite the weather for it is the most durable of the Peony family. Growing up to feet tall, the Festiva Maxima is a must have for any home garden!

Close up of Asian Moon Butterfly Bush flowers, long cluster of lots of small purple tubular flowers with yellow centers being pollinated by an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly

Asian Moon Butterfly Bush

Exceptional beauty is the only way to describe the Asian Moon Butterfly Bush. Growing to heights of 3-7’ tall and spanning 3-5’ wide this shrub grows with a nice rounded form!

Stella de Oro Daylily yellow flowers in landscape

Stella de Oro Daylily

Daylily varieties number in the tens of thousands, but Stella de Oro Daylily is the best rebloomer of all. Plant it in your landscape, and this tireless Spirit will keep churning out its sunny golden blossoms all season long. It’s amazing!

Audubon® Native American Beech Audubon® Native American Hornbeam Audubon® Native American Sycamore Audubon® Native Bald Cypress Audubon® Native Black Walnut


Native Plants for Birds

From a bird’s point of view, native plants are the tried-and-true food supply for a nest of begging beaks and the safest place to call home. Bower & Branch is the only licensed national provider of Audubon® Plants for Birds. We have dozens of native plants to make your backyard bird friendly. All Audubon® branded trees and plants are grown 100% Neonic-free.



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3-Year Tree Guarantee

We love what we grow & you will too. Our trees & plants are grown with your landsdcape and success in mind!


How to Buy Trees & Plants Online

At Bower & Branch, our mission is to help homeowners bring the natural beauty, and extraordinary wonder that trees and plants offer into their own yard. We are proud to offer sustainably grown and USDA Certified Organic trees, as well as premium shrubs and perennials.

When you buy from Bower & Branch, you’re buying from a team of growers and local service providers eager to share their extensive knowledge in all matters of tree and plant care. We care about these plants, and we want them to thrive long after they’ve left our nurseries.

Discover New Plants

Discover New Plants

First, explore which flowering trees, evergreens, fruit trees, and other plants are eligible for your hardiness zone. These are plants that are most likely to thrive in your yard. You can always ask one of our plant whisperers for help!

Freshly Harvested

Freshly Harvested

Once you’ve made your selections and placed your order, our family of growers will tag your trees and plants. They will continue to care for your new plants until it’s time to ship. That way they’re harvested fresh!

Free Home Delivery

Free Home Delivery

Finally, your new trees and plants show up at your door, for free! Ready to be planted in their new forever home. We also offer planting services if you want our help with installation.

We Grow Outside the Box!

We specialize in delivering trees that cannot fit inside a box–in fact, we invented it.