Fruit & Edible Trees


Pre-Order & Save Now with Special Pricing on Select items! When buying fruit trees online, it’s important to make sure that you’re ordering trees your landscape can support. Apart from providing you with sheer joy, and the undeniable charm of free food right in your backyard - there are many more wonderful aspects to growing your own fruit. They beautify your garden for many seasons! Fragrant spring blossoms, shiny bright fruits, and an array of colorful shades for fall color. Plus, there’s nothing better than a tasty bite into something you’ve grown yourself! The promise of delicious fruit grown in your garden no longer has to be just a daydream. At Bower & Branch, we are dedicated to helping you make the right choices to build the perfect edible landscape. The best part? Homegrown fruits are packed with flavor that you can’t buy in the grocery store or supermarket! So don’t wait another season; order your fruit selection today, and lets get harvesting together!

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At this time, Bower & Branch does not have Fruit & Edible Trees available in your zip code. This is either due to state compliance and/or shipping not currently availabile in your area. Please check back soon, Bower & Branch updates its plant products based on availability and seasonality. Click HERE to contact our Plant Whisperer Service Team to explore other options and to be placed on our waiting list.