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Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil
Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil
Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil
Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil
Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil
Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil


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Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil

Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

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Why plant Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil?

For all potted houseplants, garden vegetables, flowers, and outdoor containers. Elements Composition Potting Soil Indoor & Patio Blend contains compost, which retains moisture exceptionally well. This means less watering for you! The ingredients used in the potting soil do not decompose as quickly as peat, meaning that it can be used more effectively for more than one season before it begins to break down! This high-quality product is easy to use, and it will empower your plant while setting you up for success.

How to use Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil in the landscape?

This product contains coconut husk fiber, aged forest products, rice hulls, composted manure, and earthworm castings.

How To Plant Elements® Indoor/Patio Blend Potting Soil

When to pot?

  • Re-pot if your plant has roots growing out of the container, if the leaves are yellowing, or if the plant wilts between normal watering.
  • Re-pot in spring, summer, or fall to help plants thrive.

How to plant?

  • Fill a new container almost to the top with Bower & Branch Elements® Composition Potting Soil Indoor & Patio Blend, leaving space in the center of the pot for the plant’s root mass.
  • Place the plant in the new pot. Make sure the root ball is half an inch to an inch away from the top of the container.
  • Simply add more potting solid to the container, filling in all voids around the root ball. Do not pack down with your hands.
  • Use a light stream of water to settle the soil into the container around the root mass. Repeat slowly, waiting a few minutes between waterings to saturate potting soil.

What can I plant with this potting soil?

Our expert growers and scientists have used this soil for transplanting and for large containers, where exceptional drainage is desired. It is ideal for patio gardening, indoor and outdoor landscapes, vegetable & herb gardens, hanging baskets - ALL types of container gardening!

How many plants can I pot with this bag?

75 four-inch containers or 15 one-gallon containers.

Our Guarantees

Bower & Branch Three-Year Tree Guarantee

Our trees are grown specifically with you in mind. Your success is our ambition. We offer this remarkable guarantee to give you the confidence that we fully stand behind our trees and services. When you buy a Bower & Branch tree, you are buying the best tree available, grown with no shortcuts that might risk your success.

Bower & Branch requires three simple steps to activate the Three-Year Tree Guarantee.

  1. Use our Elements® Starter Plant Food when you plant your tree. This fertilizer is made up of a special blend of organic materials that improve your soil and empower the trees.
  2. Use our Elements® Watering System on every newly-planted tree during the first full growing year. Our Watering System allows for unique and simple watering that can be reused on many trees and shrubs.
  3. Use our Elements® Composition Planting Mix at the time of planting. This, when coupled with our Elements Fertilizer, will get your plants off to a great start.

Your success is our goal, and today is the best time to get started!

Bower & Branch has been guaranteeing our trees for years and we have learned that tree failure at home is caused by a small number of important events that we can easily overcome with proper efforts in planting, fertilizing and watering. Should any Bower & Branch tree fail for any reason, Bower & Branch will provide a gift card for the amount of the cost of the tree that can be used online towards the purchase of another Bower & Branch tree. Click here for more information about our Three Year Guarantee.

The Bower & Branch Elements™ collection is an essential group of products that help your tree grow healthy and strong. The Elements Starter Plant Food and Watering System are required for Bower & Branch trees to receive the Three-Year Tree Guarantee. Available at certified Bower & Branch garden centers or order online and have Elements delivered to your home.



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Our 3-Year-Tree Guarantee

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