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Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System
Elements® Watering System


  • Easy to Use: Just wrap around the Tree and fill it with water
  • Dual Water Emitters for even distribution of water
  • Slowly recesses water for 5 to 8 hours
  • Commercial Quality and Residential Friendly
  • Safe to Use with nutrients or chemical additives
  • UV stabilized for extended exposure to sunlight

Elements® Watering System

Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

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Why the Elements® Watering System?

A steady water supply in the first year of planting is vital to a tree's longevity in your landscape. Take the stress out of planting new trees with the Bower & Branch Watering System. Eliminate severe water stress by delivering a high volume of water directly to the root system. Dual water emitters for even distribution; nothing is lost to evaporation for maximum benefits.

How to use in the landscape?

Ideal Solutions For:

  • Parks & Recreational Department
  • Municipalities & Golf Courses
  • Professional Landscapers
  • Nurseries & Grower Homeowners


  • Roots respond to proper watering at the right time and in the right amount. Bower & Branch Water Element induces root growth desired quickly by providing proper water availability during the crucial planting period.
  • Water Element can hold approximately 12 gallons of water at a time.
  • Avoids overwatering!
  • Three-Year Guarantee: Bower & Branch provides a full Three Year Guarantee for your trees when the Elements® Watering System, Elements® Composition Planting Mix, and Elements® Starter Plant Food are applied at planting. Improper watering is the number one cause of Tree loss. The Water Element was designed exclusively for newly planted Trees and their health. Used by professionals.
  • The Bower & Branch Water Element can remove the burden and worry associated with watering for all gardeners, both professionals and first time tree planters.
  • Recommended to use in the first year in planting to the third year after planting to ensure the strength and health of new roots. Can be reused overtime planting after planting, year after year.
  • Store your Elements® Watering System in a garage or shed to bring out in important use during high drought seasons to maintain Tree health.

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How To Plant

Installation Instructions: 

  1. Wrap the Bower & Branch Watering System around the tree base with the emitter side down.
  2. Lift up on the fill handle and insert a hose into the fill valve and fill with water.
  3. Fill Bower & Branch Watering System to the desired level while lifting fill handle and close the fill valve cap tightly.
  4. The Bower & Branch Watering System will empty in approximately 5 to 8 hours.
  5. After 5 to 8 hours of watering and the Bower & Branch Watering System is empty - the roots of your Tree are well watered.
  6. Refill Watering System every day for the first two weeks after planting. After those initial weeks of planting, you can slowly decrease to refilling two times a week and then refilling once every five days.
  7. Note: Watering specifics and needs can vary depending on the type of tree and time of year. Join our Bower & Branch Water Club to learn more about your specific tree and its watering needs.

Watering System Guide

Our Guarantees

Bower & Branch Three-Year Tree Guarantee

Our trees are grown specifically with you in mind. Your success is our ambition. We offer this remarkable guarantee to give you the confidence that we fully stand behind our trees and services. When you buy a Bower & Branch tree, you are buying the best tree available, grown with no shortcuts that might risk your success.

Bower & Branch requires three simple steps to activate the Three-Year Tree Guarantee.

  1. Use our Elements® Starter Plant Food when you plant your tree. This fertilizer is made up of a special blend of organic materials that improve your soil and empower the trees.
  2. Use our Elements® Watering System on every newly-planted tree during the first full growing year. Our Watering System allows for unique and simple watering that can be reused on many trees and shrubs.
  3. Use our Elements® Composition Planting Mix at the time of planting. This, when coupled with our Elements Fertilizer, will get your plants off to a great start.

Your success is our goal, and today is the best time to get started!

Bower & Branch has been guaranteeing our trees for years and we have learned that tree failure at home is caused by a small number of important events that we can easily overcome with proper efforts in planting, fertilizing and watering. Should any Bower & Branch tree fail for any reason, Bower & Branch will provide a gift card for the amount of the cost of the tree that can be used online towards the purchase of another Bower & Branch tree. Click here for more information about our Three Year Guarantee.

The Bower & Branch Elements™ collection is an essential group of products that help your tree grow healthy and strong. The Elements Starter Plant Food and Watering System are required for Bower & Branch trees to receive the Three-Year Tree Guarantee. Available at certified Bower & Branch garden centers or order online and have Elements delivered to your home.



Customer Reviews

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Ariane Qureshi
Do Not Buy!

I have purchased beautiful trees from Bower & Branch and was excited about this watering system. It is a great idea, but the product simply does not work. Most landscape trees are planted slightly above ground level and then are often covered with mulch. As a result, the area from the trunk to where the tree’s roots would be slopes downward. When you place this watering system (a plastic donut) around your tree and fill it with water, gravity causes the majority of the water to move to and settle into the outer part of the donut, farthest from the tree trunk. If the water released from the outer part of the donut, it would be perfect placement for deep watering the roots, which obviously extend out from the trunk. But it does not water at all because the water release valves (on the bottom of the donut) are close to the inner portion of the donut, where there is no water because it has drained away to the outer section. I learned of this design flaw after placing three donuts around trees, filling them with water, checking them five hours later and seeing that the vast majority of the water was still in the donut, all around the outside. Because the water was past the release valve, it was unable to escape from the donut to water the tree or its roots. (I hope you can visualize this.) The ONLY way this product would work is if your tree is absolutely level in the ground, without grass, mulch, compost, or anything else that would raise it even a 1/4” about ground level. It’s a great idea, but the release valves need to be on the outer portions of the donut. I will be asking for a refund.

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