Edible Crabapple Trees

Edible Crabapple Trees have a lot to give and ask for little in return. In spring, you’ll love the profusion of fragrant blossoms in a range of white, pinks, and yellows. Pollinators of all stripes will delight in them, too, buzzing contentedly as they zip from flower to flower. In fall, these showy ornamental trees are decked out in hordes of tiny, glossy red apples that can be made into ciders, pastries, or picked right off the tree for a fresh snack! 

“The apple-tree has been celebrated by the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, and Scandinavians. Some have thought that the first human pair were tempted by its fruit. Goddesses are fabled to have contended for it, dragons were set to watch it, and heroes were employed to pluck it.” - Henry David Thoreau