Bower & Branch Preorder

If not planting season, then it's preorder season! The recipe for joyful gardening starts with dreaming and planning. Plan out your perfect garden with Bower & Branch exclusive Preorder Benefits; sit back as our growers hand-select and reserve your trees and plants just for you!

Landscapes are an ever-changing setting as the seasons come and go, while you aspire towards the garden of your dreams. We value the patient growing practice plants need to provide ready upon arrival plants that will thrive for years to come in your landscape. With the Bower & Branch Preorder Benefits, you can brighten up the dormant seasons with designing a small orchard of life-giving fruit trees, or vibrant spring blooms, or a grove of lush shade trees. We are here to help you plant all that you hope for.


  • You get first pick! During our Preorder Season, you get exclusive access to reserve your trees and plants! Our growers will hand-select your plants at the beginning of the season, receiving the best of our harvest and ensuring you won’t miss out on availability.
  • Exclusive Pricing! We make the dreaming and planning easier with special pricing on Preorder Trees & Plants. Exclusive savings, just for you and your garden! Annual price changes happen in the beginning of the year.
  • Priority Delivery! Pre-ordered Trees & Plants are automatically given priority delivery status. So when planting season begins, you won’t have to wait to put your hands in the soil.
  • Time for Plotting! A good plan is the first step in establishing a flourishing landscape, and something that should never be rushed. Reimagine next season's plantings, turning your outdoor space into an extension of your home. Taking that time is exactly what our Preorder Season gives you.
  • Perfect Timing! Pre ordering allows Bower & Branch to be able to serve our customers better, well in advance of delivery. We are readily available to discuss preferred delivery schedules and work hard to meet our customers’ preferences as exactly as possible.

*While many times delivery is dictated by harvest and weather, our Plant Whisperer Service team can serve our customers well with any special requests they may have.


  • Order Changes - Through the Preorder Season, you’ll be able to change the size and selection of your plants up until the time of harvesting. As you’re plotting, you may decide you would rather a 2XL Shade Tree, rather than a Large Flowering Tree. Reach out to our Plant Whispering Team, and we’ll help you make the change with ease!

The Bower & Branch Preorder Season enriches your landscape with exclusive access to trees and plants you can’t find anywhere else. To the awe-inspiring sight of the noble giants in our Balled & Burlapped Collection, our unique Fruit Collection, and so much more! Preorder today and establish new roots tomorrow to beautifully endure for years to come!


1. FALL PREORDER: June 1st through August 15th

Why You Should Preorder Your Trees and Hedges:

Embrace the incredible benefits of fall planting and embark on a journey to create a vibrant and thriving landscape. With increased success rates, the best selection, minimal care requirements, and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference, fall planting is undoubtedly the right choice for both you and the environment. Learn more here!


Why You Should Preorder Balled And Burlapped Trees:

There is a certain time of year when Balled & Burlapped Trees can be dug. This window is after the winter season when the ground is no longer frozen, and while the trees are still dormant. This practice benefits the tree by maintaining the health and quality of the tree, its foliage, and its root system. Here are the benefits of pre-ordering B&B Trees:

  • Preordering B&B trees ensures that you get precisely what you want from our growers' availability. 
  • If you waited till spring to order, the grower might not have prepared the tree you were looking for, and therefore you would have to wait another season. 
  • Preordering gives you exclusive access to our growers' availability. 
  • Trees will be delivered to you right at time of planting.


Our towering Balled & Burlapped Collection are the sentinels of your yard and landscape, making their presence known with immediate impact. Where beauty is admired, and memories are made. Those types of memories don't fit in a box; they are the quiet backdrop of our lives. These natural wonders become legends in your garden, and we bring them to your door. Noble giants that are grown in fields without constraints, balled and burlapped to root themselves in your favorite spots! Instant cool summer shade, spring blossoms, or privacy groves establishing in your landscape faster than most trees.


We don't often ship in winter because our growers need a vacation! This does not mean the joy of gardening has to pause. Winter is the time to clean out the dirt from your fingernails, cozy up to a fire, and dream and plan for next year's garden. With fewer attention-grabbing chores, the frosted season is the perfect time to reconsider your plant palette. Your landscape is now dormant, exposing the bones of the garden, allowing you to see where you might want to add structure or visual texture. Be your own futurist, preordering the landscape you’ve always wanted. Then sit back and enjoy the holiday season as we take care of the rest!


So whether you're thinking about a planting a privacy screen or planning to plant that gorgeous shade tree you've always wanted. Kick-off your next growing season in lush green style and preorder your favorite trees and plants today!