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Plant with Confidence

Have no fear when choosing Bower & Branch Big & Tall Trees and Hedges!

At Bower & Branch, we take pride in cultivating and delivering our trees and hedges with utmost care and excellence. Our commitment ensures that your home landscape thrives for years to come. Only Bower & Branch Trees and Hedges, fresh from Bower & Branch Growers, carry this promise.

Backed by a 3-year guarantee from the date of your order, our Big & Tall Tree Sizes and Arborvitae Hedge Bundles stand as a testament to this commitment. When you purchase from us, you must purchase the guarantee during checkout to activate the guarantee online!

While our guarantee covers the trees and delivery costs in case of failure within three years, please note it does not extend to planting and installation services. We offer full online store credit, believing in the quality and resilience of our products.

Occasionally, factors beyond our control, like deer damage, might impact your trees. Despite such instances not falling under our guarantee, we remain dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

We value your investment, both financially and personally. Our Plant Whisperer Team is ready to assist should any issues arise. Simply reach out, and with the guarantee purchase and a few pictures of the tree, we'll handle the rest.

We encourage proactive communication. Contact us at the first sign of trouble for expert advice on nurturing your trees. Your success with our trees, hedges and services is our priority. We're not just offering a guarantee; we're committed to your satisfaction and the thriving beauty of your landscape.

Contact a Plant Whisperer by emailing them at plantwhisperers@bowerandbranch.com, calling them at 866-873-3888, or visiting bowerandbranch.com to start a live chat. Your Plant Whisperer will be able to provide you with an online credit equal to the amount of your original purchase price to be used on the Bower & Branch website for the purchase price of your tree. 

NOTE: We do not provide any cash refunds on 3 Year Guarantee claims or guarantee the availability of an exact size and tree.

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Big & Tall Trees

We believe trees are the anchors of your landscape, adding majesty, and structure to your outdoor space. At Bower & Branch, we offer size selections from XL all the way up to 4XL–trees that are up to 20 feet tall right to your door, ready to plant!

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*Bower & Branch provides online gift cards in the amount of the original purchase price of the tree(s) and delivery. The amount does not include any additional costs such as planting installation or tax. Online gift cards can be applied towards any Bower & Branch purchase and have no expiration dates. Bower & Branch does not guarantee tree replacement or availability of any desired product at any time. Cash refunds are not offered. Bower & Branch requires that all original tags and receipts are present when a guarantee request is initiated. The Bower & Branch Three-Year Guarantee only applies to plant material that has been planted in the ground. Container plantings are NOT covered.

At Bower & Branch, we do our best to honor all guarantee fulfillment requests to ensure customer satisfaction. However, we reserve the right to refuse the request if the required guarantee steps were not satisfied. Bower & Branch also reserves the right to deny any guarantee fulfillment request that is made as a result of animal damage, problems with plant hardiness and zone issues, or acts of nature (snow storms, hurricanes, and similar).