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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Trees And Plants From Bower & Branch

Bower & Branch stands out from the rest, in unmatched quality. We understand the fundamental value of patient growing practices, delivering trees and plants in their prime. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery. Here are the Top Ten Reasons To Buy Trees and Plants From Bower & Branch:
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1. We Grow Em' BIG
Our trees stand out from the rest with not only their strength and health, but also their extraordinary size! We are the only online nursery to be able to deliver trees that are up to 18 feet tall with a 4-inch caliper! These natural wonders don't fit in a box! Noble giants, container grown or balled & burlapped - ready to become legends in your landscape.
2. National Audubon Society
Bower & Branch is the exclusive grower for the National Audubon Society. We are the only place where you can find exclusively grown exclusively grown Audubon Native plants and trees for birds, true native plants; grown neonicotinoid-free. We have an extensive selection of Plants For Birds, featuring mature Native Trees!
3. Fresh from Family Owned Farms
Family has always been at the heart of Bower & Branch. We began as a family-owned farm, and it is our passion to continue to support other family-owned farms across the country. Planting a Bower & Branch tree means it had been hand-selected just for you, directly from a family-operated farm to root itself in your garden. The culture that exists at the heart of Bower & Branch grown trees is woven into the passion of those who grow them. We offer more than just plants; we bring generations of value to your fingertips.
4. Expertise
Our team of expert growers, with generations of experience, have cultivated exceptional growing practices unlike any other garden centers or online nurseries. We are dedicated to the strength and health of our trees and plants - ensuring strong roots from our fields to your garden.
5. HUGE Selection
We grow more than just the classics; we have a wide variety of unique trees and plants! The world is full of impressive and unusual plants with their own beauty; you'll fall in love with our huge selections - if you can think it, we might be growing it! Celebrate the wonder of rare plants and make your landscape stand out from the rest!
6. Our Guarantee
Bower & Branch strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with all trees and plants. Our quality of local growers, special handling, and delivery process allow us to offer a Three Year Guarantee on all size X-Large (A) trees and up. By purchasing our Three Year Guarantee, you will receive an elements bundle with everything you need for your tree to succeed in your landscape. If, for any reason, the tree doesn’t thrive in your garden within three years, we will credit you the amount of your purchase. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 90 days from the original purchase date, we will happily replace the tree or plant for you.
7. Bower & Branch Elements
The Bower & Branch Elements™ collection is an essential group of products that help your tree grow healthy and strong. Our trees and plants are grown specifically with you in mind. A team of Bower & Branch expert growers and the experts at Organic Mechanics teamed up to develop fertilizers, compost mix, and watering system to continue the best care from our growers to your garden. The precise ratios of ingredients were determined and proven after years of testing and study; enrich your landscape with exclusive Bower & Branch Elements. Your success is our ambition.
8. Plant Whispering Team
Our valuable team of Plant Whisperers are here to help you with every question you have! Looking for trees or plants but don't know what may fit your landscape, wondering what apple trees pollinate with one another, or need help with your order? Our Plant Whispering team is just a chat or a call away!
9. Delivered To Your Doorstep
We safely ship your trees and plants directly to your door! Our qualified team will hand deliver your new plants right to you! At Bower & Branch, we use our own distribution and temperature-controlled trucks to provide a seamless and safe delivery. We now offer Green Glove Services, for an additional charge, a team of professionals will come to your home to plant your new trees and plants in your landscape for you.
10. Convenience
Plant shopping just got a lot easier! Now you can indulge in the joy of plant shopping without leaving your home! Search to find exactly what you're looking for or dive into our diverse selection of healthy trees and plants from our family-owned farms; all delivered straight to your door. In just a few clicks, you could have a whole new landscape!

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