What makes LIFE EXTRAORDINARY is the ability to SEE WONDER in the ordinary.

The Eaton Family founded Bower & Branch from their 175-acre farm in Leesport, Pennsylvania, to help homeowners make better decisions when it comes to choosing, planting, and caring for their trees and plants. During the recession of 2008, Don Eaton took that time to study the industry, recognizing a need as the world began to shift towards online shopping. After years of seeing neighbors and friends struggle within their own gardens. Don Eaton founded Bower & Branch as more than just an online nursery, but a beneficial site for homeowners to have access to expert grower knowledge. Bower & Branch is a learning experience for customers, having information at their fingertips from growers and farmers with years of professional and personal experience within their own landscapes. To ensure homeowners build the landscape that is right for them—building a relationship between the soil and the soul.

Family has always been at the heart of Bower & Branch. From century-old farms to rapidly-growing family operations, the culture that exists at the heart of Bower & Branch grown trees is woven into the passion of those who grow them. Leading us to gorgeous sprawling fields that, year after year, host the strength and health of our trees and plants. The unsung heroes that dedicate their time not to the size of the tree, but to the health of the tree. Bower & Branch doesn't choose just anyone to grow our plants. Many of them have dedicated their lives, along with their families, to be the most qualified professionals, exceeding certain standards; demonstrating continual education and devotion to healthy plants. These are the family of Growers that ensure strong roots into your garden, years before you even plant.

Our Mission is to inspire people and communities back into the garden. Immersing yourself in nature, even to simply viewing trees and garden settings, though the benefit of caring for living plants, even just one potted perennial, transcends green views - it is therapeutic. We want to inspire families to create spaces for you and your family for generations to come, being fearless in the garden together. Our motto is “Plant Creatively” because for every bed of vibrant roses or thriving climbing maple trees, a little history and wisdom is buried in the soil, full of cherished memories you created.

Standing tall and mighty; Trees mark the spots where everyday and extraordinary life happens. From the focal points of our neighborhoods and gardens, to the cherished memories trees hold. We believe in empowering homeowners with healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery.

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