Willow Trees

Few trees capture the magic of an afternoon riverside better than a weeping willow tree. These gentle giants are loved all over the world for giving shade and being easy to climb. Since ancient times, Weeping Willows have been revered. Their flowing forms and fluttering, silver-backed leaves have inspired poetry, music, and art. Many of us today have fond childhood memories of a certain neighborhood Weeping Willow—scaling its branches that were made for climbing and holding secret meetings in the space inside its big, protective domed canopy. A weeping willow will be the first tree to show leaves in the Spring and the last to lose their leaves in the fall. This makes willow trees a lovely sight in your yard nearly all year long. 

Their grand presence in the landscape is a magnificent sight to see! Don’t hesitate to contact our Plant Whispering Team for any questions regarding adding this extraordinary tree to your landscape.