Top 10 Benefits of Planting in Fall

The Top 10 Real Benefits of Fall Planting: Enhance Your Landscape with Ease

Discover the incredible advantages of fall planting as we unveil the top 10 reasons why it's the ideal season to transform your landscape. From increased success rates to a wider selection of trees and shrubs, we'll explore the remarkable benefits that fall planting offers. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and make the most out of your gardening endeavors.

1. Unprecedented Success: 

    • Fall planting with Bower & Branch has proven to be the most successful option and the only option with mature, large trees. You can expect fewer tree failures during this season compared to others, which means that your landscaping work will have better outcomes.

2. Unveiling the Secret: 

    • Are you aware that the trees and shrubs meant for spring shipping are prepared and ready during the fall season? Take advantage of the best selection available in various sizes, providing you with a wide array of choices to create your dream landscape.

3. First Picks for You:

    • Fall planting grants you exclusive access to the cream of the crop from our esteemed growers. Over 70% of trees grown are shipped in spring but sourced from the fall-harvested crops. By opting for fall planting, you'll secure the first picks and guarantee the finest selection for your landscape.

4. Stress-Free Gardening: 

    • Give your trees and shrubs a head start by planting them in the fall. They will enjoy weeks and months of minimal stress caused by heat or drought, even in northern climates. Contrary to popular belief, cold weather is beneficial for planting, as it induces natural dormancy, and cooler temperatures and fall rains create an ideal environment for healthy growth.

5. Effortless Care:

    • Fall planting requires minimal ongoing care, allowing you to enjoy a "Plant It and Forget It" experience. With nature serving as the primary caregiver during fall, you can rely on natural rainfall and cooler temperatures, eliminating the need for constant artificial interventions.

6. Unbeatable Pricing: 

    • Take advantage of our fall pre-order pricing and promotions, as each year, growers increase prices for the following spring. By purchasing during the fall, you secure the best deals and avoid potential price hikes leading up to spring.

7. Embrace Time Outdoors:

    • Fall not only provides favorable conditions for planting but also grants you more time to appreciate the great outdoors. Make the most of this season by immersing yourself in nature and enjoying the process of enhancing your landscape.

8. Rooted in Success:

    • Fall soils create the perfect environment for robust root growth. The warm soil temperatures throughout the fall season and into early winter enable trees and shrubs to establish strong roots. This unseen growth below ground sets the stage for success in the coming spring and summer.

9. Planting with Purpose:

    • Fall planting empowers you to consider your landscaping goals more deliberately. Whether you desire spring flowering, native trees to attract birds, ample summer shade, a refreshed landscape, or even building your own home arboretum, fall provides ample time to plan and execute your vision. 

10. Making a Difference:

    • In a world where it can be challenging to identify how we can help, fall planting allows you to contribute positively to the environment, your community, and even future generations. Witness the long-term impact of your planting decisions as your landscape flourishes and benefits various aspects of your ecosystem.

Embrace the incredible benefits of fall planting and embark on a journey to create a vibrant and thriving landscape. With increased success rates, the best selection, minimal care requirements, and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference, fall planting is undoubtedly the right choice for both you and the environment. Plan for fall today, pre-order, and save on your fall-fresh trees!

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