Fall Planting and Tree Care

Fall Planting and Tree Care

What is important today for your Tree? Bower & Branch Growers offer beneficial and practical, seasonal care tips for your home landscape.

Fall is for Planting! Bower & Branch Growers live by it!

If we as growers had our way on the nursery, we would be planting as much as possible each fall! …and the same should be true for you too!

There are many advantages to fall planting, especially for Trees like Sugar Maples and even Bloodgood Japanese Maples. Warm soil temperatures coupled with the cooler days and nights, promote root growth right through to December and in some cases beyond the New Year!

A Tree planted in the Fall can develop and establish roots well before winter sets in! With roots into the surrounding soil in your yard, the Tree is ready to explode with growth in Spring and will be even more ready to withstand the stresses of Summer.

Most Tree losses are from lack of water during the first 90 to 120 days. By planting in the fall, this critical period for newly planted Trees is avoided in full.

Bower & Branch encourages planting in all seasons, but by far, we prefer the Fall planting season and we encourage planting as long as the ground is workable! Long after we believe winter has set in, a Tree can continue to produce beneficial root growth.

Many homeowners still are concerned with Fall planting and it being too late. Here’s the rule of thumb to go by – if you can dig the hole, the Tree can grow the roots!

While some Trees are considered ‘Fall planting hazards,’ this is more related to the harvest method on the nursery than it is to actual planting. Bower & Branch Trees are container grown so we avoid any Fall digging Hazard and we can, with confidence, recommend fall planting on most Tree selections. After all – we guarantee our Trees for 3 full years, we got you!

If you have specific concerns or questions, comment and we will be happy to help!

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