Fall Planting Tips

Fall Planting Tips


There are many advantages to fall planting. Here are some fall planting tips you can use this fall in your garden. Soil temperatures are warm enough to encourage root growth well into the start of winter, giving trees and plants a head start for the spring growing season—and helping them withstand the following summer. To help you get your plants on their way, here are some useful fall planting tips that come straight from our growers!

Fall planting is not late planting, or even last minute planting. Fall planting is preferred planting – Fall planting is actually planting EARLY, getting a head start!

How To Fertilize Trees During Fall

Believe it or not, fall is an extremely important time to fertilize. It gives roots an extra boost, benefiting and strengthening your plants as cold weather approaches.

If planting at this time, Bower & Branch growers recommend using our Elements Plant Starter Food, which are both effective for all plants and trees alike, along with Elements™ soil enhancers. It is important to use the right product for the right reasons. These products improve plant hardiness with a beneficial blend of living organisms that help trees and plants store sufficient resources to make it through the upcoming winter. In fact, if using Elements™ products, Bower & Branch growers say YES to fertilizing even well into November—whether you live in Maine, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in between!

Be great growers, right at home, and protect your trees under the Bower & Branch Three-Year Guarantee by using only Elements™ branded products for fall planting.

How To Apply Mulch In Fall

Applying two to four inches of mulch in your beds during the fall will limit weed growth in the spring. This will also insulate the soil, which helps trees and plants thrive. For this, Bower & Branch recommends Elements™ Composition Planting Mix, which strengthens soil while doubling as a decorative mulch.

Watering Your Tree Before Winter

With the summer months behind you, watering may not seem so urgent. However, proper watering throughout fall and into winter is still essential as roots continue to grow. Bower & Branch growers use the Elements™ Watering System, which wraps around the base of any tree to water it automatically. 

How To Prune Your Tree In Fall

When fall nears the end, consider cutting perennials and grasses back once they go dormant. This removes any damaged or insect-infested foliage, which gives you a clean start when spring arrives. If you do so, you’ll want to cut them back to about two to three inches above the ground. This is also a good time to apply granular Elements™ Fertilizer. 

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