Summer Planting Tips

Summer Planting Tips


Our growers use Bower & Branch Elements™ at home for their gardens and container plants to keep them thriving all summer long. Plants benefit with weekly applications of this organic fertilizer throughout the summer, made easy while you water with Elements Soluble Fertilizer. 

Use it on all of your plants, from hanging baskets to container gardens to vegetable gardens. You’ll see bigger vegetables and fruit, larger flowers, and fewer bugs! Greener and healthier plants keep bugs away while demanding less water at the same time. It will make summer planting a breeze!


When watering, water well. Thoroughly wet the soil, taking the time to make sure that your container plants and hanging baskets are fully saturated. This will help increase the time between waterings and will allow your plants to flourish—even in the summer heat. When watering plants in the ground, apply slowly, reducing runoff and allowing the water to penetrate deeply into the soil, where the roots are working to pump water throughout the plant. 

Think cool environments. Our growers water early in the morning or in the evening for maximum impact. Choosing cool watering times creates ideal microclimates around your plants, preparing them for the hot day ahead. Our growers not only water the plant but the surrounding patio, walkway, or ground as well. Cool summer microclimates can be created with every watering. 

Get your hands dirty. The best way to determine watering needs is to feel the soil. If you can squeeze out moisture, then no watering is required. A good basic rule of thumb to follow: if your hand is moist from the soil, your plant is OK. 

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