Top 10 Trees With The Best Fall Color

Top 10 Trees With The Best Fall Color

Planting for Fall Color

While saying goodbye to those wilting summer flowers can be sad, just around the corner is a whole new set of colors for fall! It’s the time gardeners can begin to relax as the season of warm colors transition all on their own. A little pre-autumn planning can keep your landscape blazing in fiery reds, oranges, golden yellows, and even shades of purple! Capture the scenery of a fall drive right in your own backyard, and we’re here to help narrow down the endless beautiful planting options to the Top Ten Best Fall Trees that really strut their stuff!

1. Black Gum

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, the Black Gum Tree stands out as a native marvel, showcasing a tapestry of seasonal splendor. During spring, delicate white flowers blossom, attracting a delightful chorus of hummingbirds and butterflies. Picture yourself unwinding on your patio, enthralled by the vibrant fluttering of these colorful winged creatures throughout your yard. The tree's lustrous dark green leaves sway in the breeze, resembling an exquisite chandelier. Come autumn, the large canopy adorned with red, orange, and yellow leaves beckons you to set up a hammock and revel in nature's artistry. Native honey bees and birds are particularly drawn to the small fruits that ripen in fall, making this tree a haven for local wildlife. Not only does it provide shade and beauty for you, but it also plays a vital role in supporting your local ecosystem.

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2. Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree

It’s in the name! This Ginko tree is highly regarded as showcasing the best and brightest yellow fall leaves. Its large spreading canopy of uniquely fan-shaped leaves adds an impressive impact to your landscape, like a joyful burst of sunshine through the autumn season! Watch carefully because all the leaves drop at once, and it is a glorious sight to see leaving a golden pool of leaves ready to be jumped and played in!

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3. Shumard Oak

Make a dramatic fall statement with a Shumard Oak tree's glossy red-orange autumn leaves. This long-living native tree bursts into rich color in mid-fall, adding a multi-colored effect as shades of green peak through. One of the last to drop its leaves before winter, it will hold its burnt orange color as long as it can for you!

4. Krauter Vesuvius Purple Leaf Plum

In the rich tapestry of the many fall colors, purple stands out as the most unique! This rare and lavish beauty pumps out colors throughout the seasons, and stands out amongst the rest in fall! It may be small, but its rich, elegant plum leaves will dazzle with hints of red against the autumn sky! Plant Krauter Vesuvius Purple Leaf Plum to line your driveway or as the centerpiece in your garden, because this spirit will put on a show throughout the seasons!

5. Tulip Poplar

Yellow must be this tree’s favorite color! This magnificent legacy tree boasts not only yellow flowers in spring, but also a golden fall show! Tulip Poplar trees are picturesque in every way, and their uniquely lobed leaves add an element of joy to the fall aesthetic because, as they fall, the leaves look like pots of gold!

6. Autumn Blaze Maple

If you’re planting for fall color, this reliable redhead is a must have! Known for its electrifying crimson red leaves, Autumn Blaze Maple steals the show in autumn. Plant this stunner front and center for a cascade of blazing reds like you’ve never seen before!

7. American Sweetgum

Can’t choose which color is your favorite? Have ‘em all! American Sweetgum displays an amazing multi-color fall performance of rich reds, bright yellows, and even purple! It’s like opening up a bag of skittles and tasting the rainbow! Even the birds can’t resist this native beauty and all its dazzling colors. Like an autumn quilt, American Sweetgum trees are the definition of fall color.

8. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

This tree loves to be the center of attention with its fashionable flair and elegant tones. Bloodgood Japanese Maple trees are popular through the seasons, but all the rage come fall with a dramatic costume change into bright ruby-red fall leaves! A work of art in stunning color, it will give you long-lasting, rich shades of red.

9. Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

Get the party started with Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple trees painting your sky in the classic orange color! A true staple of fall holding the color of the season to celebrate pumpkin everything and candy corn. This tree will bring the family together under its vibrant canopy for a picturesque autumn picnic.

10. Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry

Brilliant indeed! Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry trees are the gift that keeps on giving through the seasons, From flowers to berries, to a kaleidoscope of fall color in rich oranges, reds, and purple shades. Its multi-colored hues give it almost a variegated appeal, lighting up your landscape for a phenomenal show!

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