Beautiful tree with bright yellow fall leaves as the sun shine through

Yellow Fall Trees

With all the rich dark colors in the autumn aesthetic, there is always one shade that gives us a continual golden hour. Yellow fall color adds the bright contrast of vivid hues against the chill days of fall, and turn your favorite hiking paths into the 'Yellow Brick Road' as they slowly drop. The legend of yellow leaves in fall begins with Celestial Hunters celebrating an autumn feast and, in their joy, accidentally splattering from their kettle onto the trees, turning them into shades of amber. Some trees have endured since before these stories were written, like the beloved Ginko trees with their lemony fall color. Others, like the Tulip Poplar, hold yellow as their favorite color, blossoming sunny flowers in spring to bright yellow leaves in fall. Give your landscape a burst of sunshine this fall; you'll be rewarded with a season of golden sparkle!