We are Truly Thankful for You!

As thanks, with every gift card purchase we will give you a second gift card for the same amount to use in Spring 2023! Give you and yours the gift of spring - thank you!

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A Family Message of Thankfulness,

Bower & Branch is made up of families across the country. Family growers who all share a passion for the products we sell. Real people, real families with all the same joys and concerns as your family.

Bower & Branch is not some Private Equity Group focused only on profits. Bower & Branch is not a simplistic buy and resell model that is the norm for online sellers in our space. Bower & Branch is real people, real families who share an internal passion for what we sell in grace and truth. All in an effort to build and restore trust in our culture today.

What do we sell?

This is the fun and extraordinary part of our story; this is the part we are so thankful for today that we want to share with you.

EdenGrene is our corporate name. Bower & Branch is our brand name. Both of these have significant meaning to our mission and our passion.

'Eden,' references the Garden Of Eden, this utopian garden created by God for our well-being. The perfect garden for our sustenance and joy. These things we all seek were to be provided in the garden.

'Grene,' is the original spelling of the word we know today as 'green.' Grene references the well-being within ourselves when we engage in the garden, joining in creations and exploring outdoors. The Grene spoke to our interaction with the garden, with the green, and the benefits to us all. Today, the color green speaks to just the color. EdenGrene tells of the benefit of that living color.

It is Grene that we offer through our product line to our customers. This Grene we know as growers, this Grene we want you to know.

Bower & Branch speaks to the warm spaces created by Trees & Plants, the spaces within Grene.

The Bower is the space a Branch creates underneath itself. This warm and protected space. It is these spaces we offer through our products to our customers.

Do you know the Bower Bird? An incredible bird from Australia that actually landscapes its nest, creating these Bower Spaces to attract its mate. Click right here to learn more about this dynamic bird.

Today, our families are so thankful for your family.

Today, we want you to know that we understand how important your tree and plant purchases are to you–we truly understand and appreciate what you are buying. It is not the Tree or Plant; it is the Grene and the Bower.

You can trust Bower & Branch to value and respect you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your garden with us, we can't wait for the next planting season!

- The Bower & Branch Family