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Planting Services Available for the 2024 Fall Season

Easy Planting for Extra-Large, Landscape Ready Trees

Bower & Branch: Expert Planting Services for Large Trees

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Choose Bower & Branch to Plant your Big and Tall Trees
2XL $425.00
3XL $575.00
4XL $995.00
5XL $1,495.00
6XL $2,495.00
7XL $4,595.00
8XL $8,795.00

*Reach out to the Plant Whisperers for multiple tree plantings or hedge planting rates.

Planting Your Big and Tall Trees

How it Works

Zach planting a Bower & Branch big and tall tree

The Big & Tall Tree Planting Process

Our team of Bower & Branch Plant Whisperers gathers essential information after order placement. Our installers directly address any concerns or inquiries, ensuring a smooth planting experience and minimizing potential errors through a simple series of questions.

Throughout the process, our Plant Whisperers oversee the flawless execution of our planting services.

*Don't forget to opt for the Bower & Branch 3-Year Guarantee, which provides exclusive coverage for both your trees and the planting service, safeguarding against any potential failures.

Upon placing a Planting Order, our dedicated Whisperer Service Team takes charge, managing everything from scheduling delivery to coordinating your planting.

We keep you updated with all scheduling details and progress throughout the process.

Before planting, our installers personally contact you to ensure the chosen location is obstacle-free.

  • Please note: We do not remove Trees or Tree Stumps and advise against planting new Trees in areas where Trees or Stumps were previously removed.

Post-planting, our Whisperers reach out again to provide comprehensive Tree Care Instructions, with our installers offering guidance during the planting process.

Our Planting Services encompass all recommended Bower & Branch Tree Care Elements, ensuring optimal conditions for your Trees to flourish.

Trees are installed using Bower & Branch Elements, including fertilizers, soil health products, compost, and water-holding additives.

We create our proven care beds around your tree(s) to shield your tree(s) from mowers and trimmers, maintaining a weed-free, aesthetically pleasing, and protective environment for your big tree to continue growing and thrive safely!

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