How to Care for Your Mature Bower & Branch Tree after it is Delivered to Your Home

Caring for Your Bower & Branch Trees After Delivery and Before Planting

Ensure the success of your tree planting journey by providing proper care for your Bower & Branch trees immediately upon arrival. This short guide empowers you with the essential information to navigate the crucial period between delivery and planting. For additional assistance, our Plant Whisperer Team is ready to support you. Trust in Bower & Branch's expertise, from our growers to your local delivery, and get ready to achieve long-lasting success for generations to come.

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Taking Care of the Tree Before Planting:

Your Bower & Branch tree may arrive as a Container Grown Tree or as a Field-Grown Balled & Burlapped Tree. Most of our trees are container grown, while larger sizes (4XL and above) have a higher percentage of Balled & Burlapped Trees.

1. Watering the Tree:

Proper hydration is crucial. Trees can quickly dry out in containers, even within a few hours. Your tree was regularly watered at the nursery and may experience stress during the transition to your home. Water your tree daily, ensuring deep and thorough watering until planting. Container-grown trees require more frequent watering than Balled & Burlapped Trees. Remember, it is impossible to overwater your tree during this waiting period. This principle also applies for several weeks after planting. Watering consistently is essential for tree health.

2. Upright Placement and Wind Protection:

Maintain the tree in an upright position to prevent wind damage. Tie it to a fence or larger tree, ensuring you avoid causing any scratches or harm. When waiting for planting, place your tree in a shaded area to minimize stress and water loss. 

3. Care for Balled & Burlapped Trees:

Watering Balled & Burlapped Trees may require a slower and steadier approach. A drip irrigation system is ideal for thorough permeation of the root ball.

4. Signs of Stress

Don't wait for visible signs of stress before watering. Wilted or sunburned foliage indicates the tree is already under stress. High-stress periods occur during windy days, full sun exposure, and extreme heat. 

5. Common Concerns:

  • Minor Scarring from Shipping:
    • Minor scars or wounds on trees are common due to shipping. There is no need for concern as trees have a remarkable ability to heal quickly. These minor scars do not affect the overall health of the tree.
  • Damaged Smaller Branches:
    • During shipping, some smaller branches may experience damage. Simply prune the affected area just below the point of breakage. This minor breakage does not cause serious damage to the tree.
  • Old Scars:
    • Occasionally, trees may have old wounds that have been approved for shipping. Although these scars may still be visible, they are typically fully healed. Over the course of 1 or 2 seasons of growth, these old scars will naturally disappear. Rest assured that they do not impact the health of the tree.
  • Handle with Care:
    • When handling your tree, it is essential to exercise caution. Branches are brittle and can easily snap due to wind, improper handling, or other external factors. Additionally, be mindful of placing your hands on the tree, especially young trees during spring. Similar to an apple, they can bruise easily, which may lead to future damage or scars. Treat your tree with tender loving care (TLC) as it truly matters.

    By following these care instructions, you will ensure the well-being of your Bower & Branch trees before and after planting. Remember to provide ample water, protect the tree from wind, and handle it with caution. With proper care, your trees will flourish and bring joy for years to come.

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