Why Use Elements® Fertilizer

Why Use Elements® Fertilizer

It builds healthy, nutritious living soil.

Our Elements® Fertilizer contains a powerful combination of balanced nutrients and helpful microbes that help build healthy living soil—crucial for plant growth and development. Healthy living soil is the foundation for vigorous plants that grow with incredible vibrancy and vitality.

Whether your soil is more clay-like or more sand-like, Elements® Fertilizer uses natural and organic ingredients and beneficial microorganisms that work within your soil to create the right biological and physical properties that are required for superior plant function.

It feeds plants on demand.

Healthy living soil, which is teeming with beneficial microorganisms, feeds plants on demand. As your plants require water and nutrients for growth and development, they actually provide a constant supply of carbohydrates through their roots and into the soil. These carbohydrates feed and energize the microbes while also communicating the plant’s needs. From there, these microorganisms are able to transfer water and nutrients back to the plant. They even provide the plant with plenty of nitrogen from the air. The noticeable difference in health, performance, and production is absolutely extraordinary.

It protects and strengthens plants.

Healthy plants and healthy soil share a mutually beneficially relationship. Through this relationship, the needs of both the plants and the soil are continually met. This protects both of them from a variety of problems. For starters, plants send out a signal to all kinds of pests, telling them, “We’re not weak. We’re strong!” As a result, pests and diseases go elsewhere. 

With frequent applications of Elements® Fertilizer, you continue to ensure an ideal level of nutrients and microorganisms, maintaining a healthy environment for plants and soil alike. This makes plants resistant to drought, wilt, shock, and stress in addition to pests and disease. Congratulations! By assisting plants when it comes to managing their resources, you set them up for success. You’re now on your way to having the plants, containers, gardens, and landscape you’ve always wanted. 

How to Use Elements Fertilizer

It’s fast, safe, and easy to use Elements® Starter Plant Food directly to the soil and/or water plants with Elements® soluble fertilizer. See the label on your fertilizer package for more information on proper usage. Then, sit back and wait for outrageous flowers, delicious vegetables, and beautiful plants!

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