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A landscape can be absolutely anything. With flowering trees, evergreens, fruit trees, Audubon® Plants for Birds, the sky’s the limit—and we’re here to get you started! Take some time to learn about our available trees and plants, fresh from our family-owned growers, or ask one of our expert Plant Whisperers for assistance!

Learn about our big tree sizes here!


Place your ORDER

Once you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for, there are multiple ways to place your order. You can simply add trees and plants to your basket and begin the secure checkout process through our website. Or, if you’d like, you can give us a call at 1-866-873-3888 to have a Plant Whisperer place your order for you and answer any questions you may have.

*For our large trees, Size XL and bigger: Review our Seasonal Shipping Timelines and Policy here.

Pssst…make sure you select our Three-Year Tree Guarantee with your order if you want to qualify for our amazing three-year guarantee on tree sizes XL and bigger!


Have your trees, hedges and garden bundles delivered DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR

We ship your trees and plants directly to your front door! Ask us about planting services and rates – we are more than happy to assist in installation!

NOTE: Depending on your order, not all trees and plants may arrive on the same day. Our trees and plants are grown in various regions of the country and this tends to create varying delivery days of your plants.

*From time to time, our growers may choose to delay shipping due to extreme weather conditions, solely to benefit your trees and plants’ health and success.

Our trees, hedges, and garden bundles are delivered to your home by our Bower & Branch Green Glove Services. These BIG sizes simply DO NOT FIT IN A BOX–so we happily and expertly deliver them through our specialized delivery trucks. Only Bower & Branch delivers the BIG trees and plants.

Our online service team, the Plant Whisperers, will schedule your BIG delivery with you. *For Big trees and Shrubs, Size XL and bigger: Review our Seasonal Shipping Timelines and Policy here.

*Delivery times vary on season, we have two pre-order seasons: June - July and November - February.


Get PLANTING! (or, have us help)

Once your trees and plants arrive, it’s time to get planting—make sure you use your Elements® care products! We have blog posts and guides full of expert planting and care tips that make the process easier than ever. *Ask us about doing the heavy lifting for those BIG trees—reach out about our planting services! For more details, call us (866) 873 – 3888, chat with us below or send us an email at


Let the growth begin!

Our outstanding Plant Whisperers are fully prepared, able (and excited) to help guide you to success!

We are directly connected to the best growers across the country with real experience, real humans and real, practical advice! Bower & Branch is the real deal, always fresh from the grower and always ready to help.

Call us, chat  us, email us–send out the bat signal if needed! If you have concerns, questions or needs - we’re here. It’s what we do, it’s our passion. At the risk of sounding cliché.. your success is our success!