An Accolade Flowering Cherry tree planting in a landscape, covered in the profuse light pink blooms of early spring
A close up of the sweet pink blooms with a yellow center hugging the branches of the Accolade Flowering Cherry against a bright blue sky.
An upward view of the sweet pink blooms hugging the branches of the Accolade Flowering Cherry against a light blue sky.
A close up of the pink blooms of the Accolade Flowering Cherry as they fade and the dark green foliage begins to emerge.
An Accolade Flowering Cherry tree planting in a landscape, covered in the profuse light pink blooms of early spring
A close up of the sweet pink blooms with a yellow center hugging the branches of the Accolade Flowering Cherry against a bright blue sky.
An upward view of the sweet pink blooms hugging the branches of the Accolade Flowering Cherry against a light blue sky.
A close up of the pink blooms of the Accolade Flowering Cherry as they fade and the dark green foliage begins to emerge.

Accolade Flowering Cherry

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Prunus x 'Accolade'

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  • Charming dark pink buds open to bloom of cotton candy-colored tufts in early spring
  • Dark green, oval shaped foliage follows the floral display and lasts through summer
  • By fall, the leaves turn a fiery orange before falling for the winter season
  • Ideal when used as a specimen tree, or in a grove to create your own Cherry Blossom Festival 
  • Small to medium sized tree that is fast growing and low maintenance 

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Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 5-8
  • Mature Height: 20-25' tall
  • Mature Width: 20-25' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Spacing: 20-25' apart

Why plant Accolade Flowering Cherry?

You’ll give the Accolade Japanese Flowering Cherry tree rave reviews when it graces the stage (your yard) with a spectacular production of frilly pink cherry blossoms in early spring. Valuable honeybees will buzz their appreciation for the bonanza of pollen your tree will provide, too! Later the reddish-brown branches are concealed with dark green foliage that turns to orange-yellow in fall. Just another spring beauty to add to the garden!

Accolade Flowering Cherry arose from the Waterer family nursery of Knap Hill in Sussex, England in 1952. Knap Hill Nursery was started in 1770, so the Waterer's knew a thing or two about plants. The nursery supplied landscape designer Andrew Jackson Downing with plants when he landscaped the White House grounds in 1850. Knap Hill’s specialty were azaleas and rhododendrons, and their name is still respected among fanciers of those plants. ‘Accolade’ has received three official “Accolades” from the Royal Horticultural Society—two Awards of Merit and a First Class Certificate.

How to use Accolade Flowering Cherry in the landscape?

This small to medium sized ornamental tree fits the style of just about any type of garden, whether it’s a hip urban patio, a grand formal estate, or a suburban backyard retreat. A single specimen underplanted with daffodils and grape hyacinths will make a perfect spring picture, and a row of fast-growing Accolade Cherry trees along your property line will create a beautiful, low-maintenance privacy screen all season.

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

How To Plant Accolade Flowering Cherry

Some Cherries live fast and die young, but Accolade is a hybrid between two Flowering Cherries with strong pedigrees. Its parents, Higan Cherry and Sargent Cherry, are both long-lived and resistant to disease. Accolade is partial to full sun and freely draining soil, but will put up with otherwise less-than-perfect conditions. This is a fast growing tree, so plant a few, and you’ll soon have your own Cherry Blossom Festival in short order!

How To Water

Watering your freshly planted Accolade Flowering Cherry is crucial for the future growth and health of your tree. Immediately after planting, water deeply and thoroughly to ensure the rootball has been saturated.

In the following weeks, you'll want to water your tree every two to three days. Again, this should be deeply and thoroughly, water slowly to allow the roots the time to absorb the water. As the roots begin to work their way into the surrounding soil, you can lessen the deep waterings to every five to six days.

Be mindful of your tree - if the leaves appear to be wilting or yellowing, it is communicating that it requires more water. Keep in mind that environmental factors - temperature, rainfall and soil conditions - will alter the watering needs. If you have specific questions regarding the watering of your tree, contact our Plant Whisperers for guided watering assistance.

How To Fertilize

It is best to first fertilize your Accolade Flowering Cherry when planting. We recommend our Bower & Branch Starter Plant Food as it will add vital nutrients that will help promote a stronger root system and a larger root mass, encouraging your tree to establish itself faster. After that, we recommend fertilizing each spring and fall for at least the next three years, as this will ensure that your tree has access to key nutrients that will encourage it to be happy and healthy as it matures.

How To Prune

The best time to prune your Accolade Flowering Cherry is in late winter to early spring, ideally before it breaks dormancy for the season. At this time of year, you'll be able to clearly see the branching structure and you can selectively prune as a result. Be sure to remove damaged or diseased branches, as well as any cross or rubbing branching. As the Accolade Cherry is considered a 'small' tree, less pruning is required. However, regular pruning for shaping purposes can help promote healthy growth and enhance the overall appearance.

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How Does Sizing Work?

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