A closeup of the dainty, light pink bell-like flowers of the Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell.
A closeup of the bright green seed pods against the dark green foliage of the Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell.
A closeup of the dainty, light pink bell-like flowers of the Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell.
A closeup of the bright green seed pods against the dark green foliage of the Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell.

Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell

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Halesia carolina 'Arnold Pink'

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  • In early spring, clusters of sweet pink, bell-bell shaped blooms emerge
  • Dark green foliage follows the blooms before turning yellow-orange in fall
  • As the tree matures, the bark begins to exfoliate, exposing gray and brown colors
  • Blooms attract bees and butterflies
  • Upright, rounded form with an open branching structure
  • Known for its hardiness and adaptability to various growing conditions 
  • Often used as a specimen tree, in a woodland garden, or a wildlife garden

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Mature Height: 25-30' tall
  • Mature Width: 20-25' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Spacing: 20-25' apart

Why plant Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell?

The Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell tree will grace your garden with hundreds of delicate, bell-like, pastel pink blossoms to ring in the spring season. This small to medium-sized ornamental tree blooms before the leaves have fully expanded, so you’ll get a good view of the pretty flowers, especially if you’re seated beneath its spreading branches. The space underneath its canopy is the perfect place for a comfy chair or two and a small table to hold a cold drink or a good book. Up close, you’ll also get a better view of Arnold Pink’s striped bark—just one more example of this underused tree’s many subtle but lovely charms.

Carolina Silverbell is native to the U.S. and can be found growing along streambanks, at woodland edges, and in the shade of larger forest trees from West Virginia to Northern Florida. It’s also known as the “Snowdrop Tree” and is related to the Japanese Snowbell tree. Silverbell’s blossoms are normally frosty white, but pink forms are sometimes spotted, like this one discovered at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum in Boston. Arnold Pink might be considered the American equivalent of the Japanese Snowbell tree, ‘Pink Chimes,’ which blooms a few weeks later. Plant both and enjoy an encore of sweet blush-pink bells in late spring or early summer!

How to use Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell in the landscape?

Honeybees and other pollinators will love Arnold Pink Silverbell’s blossoms almost as much as you will, and squirrels like to eat the seeds (which are contained in interesting seedpods that resemble the winged end of a dart). Silverbells are becoming less common in the wild—all the more reason to plant this valuable native tree in your landscape! It will sparkle as your specimen tree, planted next to your back patio where you'll be able to enjoy its charms!

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

How To Plant Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell

Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell is an adaptable tree that can handle sun or shade. It doesn’t like to bake in sun in hot, dry soil, however, so mulch it well and irrigate regularly. Acid soils are best, so if you live in Rhododendron country, you’re in luck. Silverbell can be a rather fast-growing tree when all of its needs are met. Pests and diseases will be of no concern.

How To Water

Immediately after planting, water your tree slowly, deeply, and thoroughly. Arnold Pink Carolina Silverbell enjoys lots of water, so be sure to water this way every two to three days for the first growing season.

How To Fertilize

When planting, we recommend you apply the. Bower & Branch Starter Plant Food to be sure that your tree has the nutrients it needs to adjust. For continued care, reapply in spring and fall for at least the first three years.

How To Prune

Routine maintenance pruning may be needed to keep your tree in pristine condition. It rebounds quickly from pruning, so don’t be afraid to shape it as you like.

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