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Cinnamon Fern planted in a landscape, long shoots of small green foliage



  • Bright emerald green fronds stand like sentinels in any garden
  • The cinnamon-colored fronds and fibers that appear near the bottom inspired the name
  • Adds interesting texture to any garden type
  • Thrives in wet locations - streams, ponds, or bogs 
  • Great for erosion control and very low maintenance
  • Hand Selected, Fresh from the Grower
  • Ships in a plant-safe designed box

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Mature Height: 4' tall
  • Mature Width: 3' wide
  • Exposure: Part Sun
  • Spacing: 2' apart

Cinnamon Fern

Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

Osmunda cinnamomea

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Why plant Cinnamon Fern?

Cinnamon, Spice, and everything nice, how does your garden grow? We are proud to introduce the Cinnamon Fern! These ferns typically grow in clumps of 2-3' tall, however with constant moisture, they have the innate ability to grow upwards of 6' in height. The attractive Cinnamon Fern gains its name from the cinnamon-colored fibers located close to the frond base. In spring, we see a lavish display of growth when its spore-bearing fronds appear - as well as its all too familiar Fiddleheads. Stretching a grand 4' these pinnately-compound, sterile fronds beautify your property throughout the summer turning yellow in the fall. While adding a certain elegance to any landscape, we can't help but mention how the Cinnamon Fern also provides safety for some animals. On the stem of the Cinnamon Fern grows fuzz like hair the is utilized by songbirds to line their nests, while other birds like the Kentucky Warbler actually nest in the clumps themselves. The Cinnamon Fern also offers depth in its existence, being edible in the beginning stages of spring before the fronds expand they can be snacked upon or cooked in soups. This plant also is reported to have some medicinal uses as well. The root would be rubbed into joints affected by rheumatism, also used to remedy chills, headache, and colds.

Native to the United States the Cinnamon Fern was introduced to Europe in 1772 by American naturalists.

How to use Cinnamon Fern in the landscape?

This plant offers a rather multi-dimensional view offering two distinctly different parts of the same plant. Sporting the usual fern look with its long green sterile fronds, this version also grows a plume-like fertile frond. This cinnamon colored frond is not only the reason this fern obtained its name but is also how this plant reproduces. Best suited for a more moist and shaded area, the fern does well on soggy or bog like landmasses, great for streams or ponds, as well as a lovely addition to any water garden. With shade provided the Cinnamon Fern can make an excellent accent or border to woodland type gardens as well.

Why Bower & Branch?

We do the hard part. Our trees and plants are grown and cared for by only the best, local growers for years before they find their forever home in your landscape. Bower & Branch is known for having hard-to-find, substantial sizes and selection. The quality of our trees and plants are consistent in health and vigor—always ready for immediate impact in your garden and instant curb appeal. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong, healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery, always fresh inventory from the grower.

Photo Credit: ©Nova-Photo-Graphik GmbH® Cinnamon Fern

How To Plant Cinnamon Fern

The Cinnamon Fern can easily be grown in medium to wet soils. Grown best in deeply shaded areas, the Cinnamon Fern is capable of handling partial sun or around 4-6 hours of sunlight. Let's say you don't have an area that can produce the amount of shade required - keeping the soil moist at all times will be your saving grace.

How To Water

The Cinnamon Fern does need attention due to its preference of having moist soil. However, to alleviate the amount of watering needed, this fern is capable of being planted in soggy or bog like areas.

How To Fertilize

Incorporate Elements Starter Plant Food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer, start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each fall. Continue this for the first three years to get your plant well established.

How To Prune

Pruning care for the Cinnamon Fern is easy, only requiring the damaged or wilted fronds be removed at the end of the season.

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

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