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Gibraltar Azalea closeup of orange flowers
Gibraltar Azalea orange flowering shrub
Gibraltar Azalea potted plant at nursery
Gibraltar Azalea closeup of orange flowers
Gibraltar Azalea orange flowering shrub
Gibraltar Azalea potted plant at nursery

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Mature Height: 4-6' tall
  • Mature Width: 3-5' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Spacing: 3-5' apart


  • Hand Selected, Fresh from the Grower
  • Ships in a plant-safe designed box

Gibraltar Exbury Azalea

Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

Azalea x 'Gibraltar' (Exbury hybrid)

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Why the Gibraltar Exbury Azalea?

Construction-zone orange never looked so inviting! Gibraltar Exbury Azalea is a sassy Accent with blooms that are outrageously, gorgeously, fantastically ORANGE. People in passing airplanes will look down in wonder and amazement. Unfurling in late spring, the big, ruffled blossoms cover the branches and the newly emerging foliage, making it look as if the whole plant is on fire. The warm orange glow is just the thing to wake up your mixed borders, patio plantings, or woodland edges. Be careful about planting it in your front yard—a traffic jam may ensue when passersby get a glimpse of these bodacious blooms!

Deciduous Azaleas are the showboats of late spring, decadent Accents that offer delightful, funnel-shaped flowers in a rainbow of colors. Many of these are hybrid selections, carefully bred from among several different species from Asia and America. Gibraltar Deciduous Azalea is one such hybrid Azalea. Gardeners have enjoyed it since 1947. Legendary British plantsman Anthony Waterer made the initial cross at his Knap Hill Nursery. Edmund Leopold de Rothschild of Exbury further developed the plant, and Gibraltar is now usually called an “Exbury Hybrid,” even though that is only half of the story.

How to use in the landscape?

But wait, there’s more! Many Deciduous Azaleas supply not only sensational spring flowers but also striking fall color, and Gibraltar is no exception. When nights turn frosty, this star takes the stage again, putting on a brilliant show of gold and orange foliage.

Why Bower & Branch?

We do the hard part. Our trees and plants are grown and cared for by only the best, local growers for years before they find their forever home in your landscape. Bower & Branch is known for having hard-to-find, substantial sizes and selection. The quality of our trees and plants are consistent in health and vigor—always ready for immediate impact in your garden and instant curb appeal. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong, healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery, always fresh inventory from the grower

How To Plant

Deciduous Azaleas aren’t hard to grow, but it can be a little tricky to keep them looking sharp throughout the season. One issue they have is powdery mildew, which doesn’t kill the plant, but leaves a white film on the foliage. Gibraltar Exbury Azalea shows good resistance to powdery mildew. To further guard against this affliction, provide your plant with the best possible growing conditions. Avoid extremes—give it good light but no hot afternoon sun, moist but not soggy soil, good air circulation but no strong winds. In addition, the soil should be rich with organic matter, well-drained, and acidic. Mulch to conserve moisture.

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

How Does Shipping Work?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
S Gochenour
what happened to you?

I have been a customer and a fan for years…but this shipment was pitiful. I felt like you pulled a bait and switch:
1. I paid a premium price for a LARGE SHRUB in #3 CONTAINER. What I got was a pathetically young tiny shrub in a #3 container that was filled the other 3/4 way with loose dirt.
2. I paid extra for shipping. In the past you have sent trees and shrubs in your own truck. What you sent this time was via FedEx Ground in a loose cardboard box, not supported or protected, and clearly traveled to me upside down most of the way. It was on my porch upside down when I got home.
The azalea is obviously stressed with multiple branches broken or dead and I doubt it is gonna survive. I would have done better with a $40 wholesale special at Home Depot.
Take me off your list

Hello Susan -
We are terribly sorry to have disappointed you in this way. We appreciate your business so very much and we truly appreciate your honest feedback! For single, smaller items, Bower & Branch does use common carriers for delivery. A small percentage of shipped items may experience damage during the shipping process but we are here for these instances!
1. We will immediately reship your azalea - we will reach out to you directly to get this handled :)
2. We will review the current crop with our Growers to ensure our quality standards.
3. Bower & Branch will work relentlessly to earn your trust and business back. We have removed your email from our mailing list as requested.
4. Please contact us directly with any other concerns about any issues at all - the sooner we are aware of an issue, the more immediately we can respond!
Lastly, the plant delivered will grow and survive, we encourage you to simply prune out the damaged branching, prune back the Azalea and plant where you will be able to enjoy it :)
We will be in touch to sort out the reshipment with you directly!
- Bower & Branch Plant Whisperers

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