A closeup of the bright yellow blooms on the branches of the Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood against a bright blue sky

Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

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Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'

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This plant is not available at this time through Bower & Branch. We provide this plant profile for reference only. 

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Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-7
  • Mature Height: 20' tall
  • Mature Width: 15' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Spacing: 15-20' apart

Why plant Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood?

After a long, cold winter, Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood brings cheery yellow flowers to your garden, delivering the news that spring is just around the corner. Because of that, you’ll look forward to this tree’s blooms more than any others! Besides the early flowers, this uncommon but easy-to-grow Dogwood tree also serves up glossy red fruits that look like cherries. They’re a little tart, but you can always grab a tastier snack, sit back, and watch the birds devour them instead. Not just a harbinger of spring, Golden Glory is an irresistible songbird magnet as well!

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood “cherries” have been enjoyed for thousands of years, whether plucked from the tree and eaten fresh, or transformed into wine, jellies, or sodas. The wood of the tree has been used forever, too; in pre-Iron-Age days it was used for hard, durable objects like bolts and spearheads. The selection ‘Golden Glory’ was introduced by Ralph Synnestvedt of the Chicago area in the 1960s. He liked its more upright form, darker green leaves, and more floriferous habit than what is typical. And its fruits aren’t half bad, either.

How to use Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood in the landscape?

This tree isn't called Golden Glory for nothin'! Valued for its early spring flower display, the yellow star-like flowers are showcased in late winter to early spring before foliage appears. Flowers give way to small red fruit in summer. Even the bark is attractive! The grayish-brown bark exfoliates on mature branches. Harboring no serious insect or disease problems, this round to oval low-branched tree attracts birds and can be used as a hedge or screen, specimen tree, and even in a naturalized setting. With so many options - you have no excuse! You must get this tree!

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

How To Plant Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Although Cornelian Cherry is a dogwood (not a cherry), it is not as particular in its requirements as many dogwoods are, nor is it as susceptible to the diseases they sometimes get. It prefers a well-drained site in full sun or light shade and can get along on minimal irrigation once established.

How To Water

Water weekly, or better yet, use the Bower & Branch® Water Element to deliver just the right amount of moisture to your tree throughout the growing season.

How To Fertilize

Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer, start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each late fall. Continue this for the first three years to get your plant well established.

How To Prune

In its natural state, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood normally takes the form of a "trub," or a shrubby, low-branched tree, but a fine specimen form may be had by clearing away the twiggy growth on the lower branches, giving the plant a neater outline.

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