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Jubilation Gardenia closeup of white flower
Jubilation Gardenia white flower
Jubilation Gardenia closeup of white flower
Jubilation Gardenia white flower



  • Fragrant white blooms in late spring to fall
  • Has a rounded growth habit
  • This compact evergreen shrub fits right in to your foundation planting and the landscape around your pool or patio where you can enjoy the fragrant flowers in Spring and Summer
  • Expect to enjoy the fragrant flowers during your Gardenia's first spring and summer
  • Hand Selected, Fresh from the Grower
  • Ships in a plant-safe designed box

    Growth Facts

    • Hardiness Zone: 7-10
    • Mature Height: 3-4' tall
    • Mature Width: 3-4' wide
    • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
    • Spacing: 4-6' apart

    Jubilation™ Gardenia

    Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

    Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone' PP21,983

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    Why plant Jubilation™ Gardenia?

    Jubilation is a word that means 'season of celebration' and we could not agree more with this meaning and the naming of the Jubilation Gardenia. This gardenia certainly throws it's own celebration full of snowy white double blooms that not only provide a sweet fragrance but also has a continuous blooming period that spans from late spring into the fall. Plant this celebration gardenia anywhere! Jubilation is most commonly used and ideal for specimen/focal point plants, decorative container or patio plants, or make your own flowering hedge!

    Gardenias are native to Japan and Southern China where they can be found in areas that do not drop below 60 degrees. The name Gardenia is a homage to Dr. Alexander Garden, a Scottish-born American naturalist and contemporary of Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy.

    How to use Jubilation™ Gardenia in the landscape?

    You will want Jubilation planted by every window! More compact growing than Frostproof and with the same glossy evergreen foliage and good deer resistance, this is enough to make this plant a winner. Now add in the most incredible fragrance on traditional looking beautiful white flowers in the summer and you will enjoy your Gardenia year round - especially each summer.

    Why Bower & Branch?

    We do the hard part. Our trees and plants are grown and cared for by only the best, local growers for years before they find their forever home in your landscape. Bower & Branch is known for having hard-to-find, substantial sizes and selection. The quality of our trees and plants are consistent in health and vigor—always ready for immediate impact in your garden and instant curb appeal. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong, healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery, always fresh inventory from the grower.

    How To Plant Jubilation™ Gardenia

    A heat loving evergreen shrub, Gardenia wants full sun (light shade in the afternoon in the southern end of its range works best). Make sure the soil around your Gardenia has a 2" covering of an organic mulch. Your gardenia will thrive best in a soil high in organic material. Gardenias do require consistent moisture but you don't want to plant it in soggy soil.

    How To Water

    Water twice weekly for the first 3-5 weeks; then water weekly for the remainder of the year until winter. When you water, water slowly and thoroughly. Watering needs may be altered due to extreme weather conditions.

    How To Fertilize

    Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each year. Continue this for three years to get your plant well established.

    How To Prune

    While your Gardenia will not require much, prune as needed in late winter.

    Planting Zones

    Hardiness Zone: 7-10

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