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Obsession Heavenly Bamboo red foliage planted in landscape
Obsession Heavenly Bamboo planted in pots on porch
Obsession Heavenly Bamboo closeup of red foliage
Obsession Heavenly Bamboo red foliage planted in landscape
Obsession Heavenly Bamboo planted in pots on porch
Obsession Heavenly Bamboo closeup of red foliage

Obsession™ Heavenly Bamboo

Bower & Branch Trees and Plants

Nandina domestica 'Seika' PP21,891

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  • Rich reds and greens throughout the foliage of this evergreen style, compact plant
  • Cane-like stems and leaves, similar to that of bamboo leaves
  • Deer, rabbit and pest resistant, this is as great addition to your border plantings, containers or as a low hedge
  • Obsession does not flower or fruit
  • Hand Selected, Fresh from the Grower
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    Growth Facts

    • Hardiness Zone: 6-9
    • Mature Height: 3-4' tall
    • Mature Width: 3-4' wide
    • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
    • Spacing: 3-6' apart

    Why plant Obsession™ Heavenly Bamboo?

    Set your landscape apart with a wealth of color when you plant Obsession Nandina in the landscape. Obsession will literally have you obsessed with the rich colors, richer than any other Nandina's available, with the vibrant reds of new growth and the rich greens that last year round. The evergreen aspect of Obsession adds to the value of this plant and the overall appearance in the landscape, making you feel like you hit the lottery when having Obsession in your own landscape.

    Heavenly Bamboo is native to Japan, China, and India and is referred to as bamboo due to the cane-like stems and leaves similar to that of bamboo leaves. Obsession originated in 2005 when the Garza's noticed an unusual plant in a tree of Gulf Stream Nandina's at Magnolia Gardens Nursery in Magnolia, Texas. From this original, unusual bright red plant new plants were cultured and officially patented in 2011.

    How to use Obsession™ Heavenly Bamboo in the landscape?

    Bring a vibrant red accent to the dark sections of your landscape with Obsession Nandina. A non-spreading variety of bamboo, Obsession makes a great, colorful addition to any landscape or container. Obsession is also a great accent to use in borders or start your own Asian garden oasis.

    Planting Zones

    Hardiness Zone: 6-9

    How To Plant Obsession™ Heavenly Bamboo

    Obsession grows best in full sun but can tolerate full shade if that is where this shrub is planted. This shrub prefers soil that is moist, rich, humusy with consistent watering. Once Obsession is established, this plant can be drought tolerant and is evergreen in warmer climates. Obsession does not flower or seed.

    How To Water

    Water twice weekly for the first 3-5 weeks; then water weekly for the remainder of the year until winter. When you water, water slowly and thoroughly. Watering needs may be altered due to extreme weather conditions.

    How To Fertilize

    Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each late year. Continue this for three years to get your plant well established.

    How To Prune

    With its compact habit, pruning is not going to be much of a concern. When needed, prune in early spring before it begins to grow.

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