Prague Viburnum
Prague Viburnum
Prague Viburnum
Prague Viburnum
Prague Viburnum
Prague Viburnum

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 5-8
  • Mature Height: 6-8' tall
  • Mature Width: 6-8' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Spacing: 6-8' apart


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Prague Viburnum

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Vinurnum x pragense

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Why the Prague Viburnum?

Privacy in a hurry! Prague Viburnum grows lightning-fast, giving you shelter from prying eyes in no time. Turn your outdoor living space into a true sanctuary with this excellent evergreen screen-maker. A part of our Added Definitions line, Prague Viburnum lends structure wherever it’s needed. Although it’s primarily considered a hedging plant, it can also be employed as a solo element in the garden and makes a wonderful specimen. Handsome as well as useful, its dark green leaves appear to be polished to a high gloss, shining all year-round. Fast, functional, fabulous.

Prague Viburnum gets its name from the capital city of the Czech Republic, where it originated in 1955. It is a hybrid plant. One parent was the Service Viburnum from China, with thin, shiny, dark green leaves and slightly fragrant, snowball-like flower clusters. The other parent was the Leatherleaf Viburnum, also from China, which is best known as the parent of another popular hybrid, the Alleghany Viburnum. Alleghany is used for screening, but its large leaves give it a coarse look. Prague in comparison is very sleek and refined. Both show the “hybrid vigor” that often results when two species cross.

How to use in the landscape?

Enjoy flowers, too! Prague Viburnum will grace your garden with dozens of lovely flower clusters in spring. The blossoms are dusky pink in bud, opening to snow-white blooms, and they have a light, sweet fragrance.

Why Bower & Branch?

We do the hard part. Our trees and plants are grown and cared for by only the best, local growers for years before they find their forever home in your landscape. Bower & Branch is known for having hard-to-find, substantial sizes and selection. The quality of our trees and plants are consistent in health and vigor—always ready for immediate impact in your garden and instant curb appeal. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong, healthy and structurally sound plants that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery for home delivery, always fresh inventory from the grower

Growth Facts

    Hardiness Zone: 5-8

    Mature Height: 6-8' tall

    Mature Width: 6-8' wide

    Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade

    Spacing: 6-8' apart

How To Plant

Grow Prague Viburnum in full sun to yield the densest foliage and most plentiful flowers, although part shade is acceptable, too. The soil should drain freely. Provide water on a regular basis (weekly is best); once it is established, Prague can miss a watering here and there. Mulch the root zone with bark, wood chips, or pine straw to keep the soil relatively cool and moist. Repeated pruning may be required during the early years to produce a full specimen due to this plant’s rapid growth rate. The more often you cut it, the heavier the branching will get.

How To Fertilize

Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer, start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each late fall. Continue this for the first three years to get your plant well established.

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

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