Cleopatra Canna: The Queen of the Garden

Cleopatra Canna: The Queen of the Garden

Bold and vibrant, the Cleopatra Canna Lily is the queen of the garden. 

With its two-toned foliage and its colorful blossoms, the Cleopatra Canna Lily is a sight to behold. Plant it in your garden for instant tropical flair that will stand out. And don’t worry—it won’t overwhelm your space. Learn more about this beauty, how to care for it, and why we love it.


Although it won’t overwhelm your garden, the Cleopatra Canna Lily is a Spirit with a mind of its own. Even its foliageglossy green with eye-catching splashes of purpleis unique. Its stunning blossoms, however, are what will truly bring your garden to life. They start to appear in the summer months and, with the right care, will last until the first frost. Cleopatra is considered a medium-sized variation of the Canna Lily, growing up to four feet tall. 


The Cleopatra Canna Lily flourishes in heat and needs all-day sun. This promotes bright and strong growth while imitating its natural environment. Cleopatra also prefers moist and well-mulched soilas it is accustomed to tropical climatesso you’ll want to water it frequently. Although it does best in zones 7 through 10, you can leave it outside in areas where winter temperatures do not drop below 20ºF. If your winters are a little harsher, simply dig up Cleopatra’s roots after the first frost, store them somewhere cool and humid, and then replant them in the spring to enjoy new growth.  


Certainly, Cleopatra is beautiful enough in a pot all by itself. Why not showcase those splendorous blooms for all to see by placing a few around your pool, patio, or outdoor entertaining area? It’s an effortless way to add some festive color to any space! Although Cleopatra relishes attention, it also plays nicely with other flowers—equally bold blooms only further complement its vibrancy. This makes it extremely versatile in flowerbeds, surrounded by bright yellow or red blossoms.


It’s exotic, it’s colorful, it’s versatile…really, what don’t we love about the Cleopatra Canna Lily? As an added bonus, it’s low-maintenance (provided you give it enough sun and water, of course). You can almost just plant it and forget about it—but you certainly won’t want to. 

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