How to Use Lenten Roses in the Garden

How to Use Lenten Roses in the Garden

Helleborus, also known as Lenten Rose – an often overlooked, but absolutely essential addition to your landscape – are a plant that have to be seen to be believed! And where better to catch these winter wonders than in YOUR garden? Bower & Branch is excited to highlight two superb varieties this spring – Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’ and Helleborus 'Merlin Lenten Rose'! To best beat the winter blues here are a few suggestions on how to enjoy the Lenten Rose, trust us, it will quickly become one of your favorite perennial Spirits!


Being a shade loving perennial, the Lenten Rose require copious amounts of, you guessed it, shade! As a result, woodland gardens are the perfect spot for planting. Added bonus? Deer and rabbits need not apply here — bitter tasting compounds in the leaves and other parts of the plant keep your new addition from becoming a salad bar for those pesky rabbits. Tucking them between hostas and ferns will add to the texture of your landscape, while strong (re: long) blooming performance in the winter months will provide true four-season interest!


Hellebores do a fantastic job anchoring that part of your landscape you just can’t seem to find the right plant for. Even when it’s not in bloom, its’ brightly colored venation in the leaves, and its short, wide stature provides the right balance of color and impact. Plant Lenten Rose in an elevated area outside of a well-glazed window, or alongside a walkway where it’s sure to be seen.


Lenten Rose has outstanding drought resistance and while a dry, shady spot seems counter to conventional thinking, such areas do exist. Supplemental watering is necessary while your new plant is stretching its roots and becoming established as with any new addition. The difference here is once rooted it largely takes care of itself – even throughout the summer months – save for a trim pre-Spring to relieve the plant of the previous years’ older foliage.


Helleborus – Lenten Rose cup-shaped blooms work very well in a vase on their own as a single cultivar or as a part of a Hellebore bouquet with different varieties. For best results take cuttings when the blooms are a bit more mature. A good rule of thumb is after the seed pods start to set. Place your freshly cut flowers in water as soon as possible and enjoy the color that can last week after week!


While there are a vast amount of different approaches to making Lenten Rose your own, these considerations are just the beginning. We encourage you to try new and different ways to create your plant palette the way you choose!  For more information connect with us through our expert Plant Whisperers! You can chat, call (866) 873-3888 or email them at!

For more fun ways to use Lenten Rose in your garden, check out what Laura, at How’s it Growing?, is doing with her Bower & Branch Lenten Roses!

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