Top 6 Truths About Flowering Dogwoods by Bower & Branch

Top 6 Truths About Flowering Dogwoods by Bower & Branch

Welcome to Bower & Branch Big & Tall Dogwoods — your go-to source for premium Dogwood trees.

At Bower & Branch, we have a passion for incorporating Dogwoods into our home landscapes and gardens.

Our comprehensive Dogwood Tree guide is tailored exclusively for you. We're not writing for growers or search engines but for our customers who want to make informed decisions about choosing and planting Dogwoods. Our guide is designed to maximize your chances of enjoying the beauty of Dogwoods in your home landscape for a lifetime.

Dogwoods, though stunning, can be finicky and challenging to establish. They require time to showcase their magnificent flowering and fall foliage.

Here are the 6 key truths about Dogwoods grown by Bower & Branch:

1. Restoration vs. Replacement: Restoring an unhealthy Dogwood can be extremely challenging, especially when young. It's often more prudent to remove and replace, saving valuable time for a fresh start.

2. Natural Pests and Diseases: Dogwood diseases and pests are naturally occurring and opportunistic. The health of your Dogwood is influenced more by the care you provide in the first few years than by growers or pests. Learn more about dogwood diseases here.

3. Container vs. Field Grown: Bower & Branch strongly recommends container-grown dogwoods over field-grown dogwoods. Container-grown Dogwoods offer flexibility in planting times, with early summer and late spring being optimal. (But really, you can plant at any time of the year!)

The Order of Best Planting Times for Container-Grown Dogwood:
#1 - Early Summer 
#2 - Late Spring 
#3 - Early Spring
#4 - Late Summer
#5 - Early Fall
#6 - Late Winter
#7 - Late Fall
#8 - Early Winter

4. Digging Times for Field Grown Dogwoods: Harvesting Field Grown Dogwoods (Balled & Burlapped) is limited and varies regionally. Large Dogwoods are only available as field grown, but they may experience root shock, requiring several growing seasons for full recovery.

5. Best Planting Time for Field-Grown Dogwoods: Early spring, spring, and late fall are the best times to plant Field-Grown Dogwoods. Avoid purchasing leftover spring or fall-harvested trees, as they may be weak and vulnerable to pests and disease. Read our guide about Bower & Branch Flowering Dogwoods here.

6. Fresh From The Grower: Bower & Branch specializes in providing trees directly from the grower to your landscape. Our trees are under constant grower care, minimizing stress commonly experienced in garden centers.

Let Bower & Branch manage the planting times, delivery, and handling of your Dogwood. We are committed to doing our job well — now, it's your responsibility to nurture your Dogwood for optimal growth in your landscape and we’re here to help!

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