What Dogwood Personality Are You?

What Dogwood Personality Are You?

Dogwood trees are known for their delicate beauty, introducing us to a new spring each year with intriguing canopies of colorful layers and blooms—each one with its unique personality and its own set of appealing traits. What’s in a name and the meaning behind each one of these trees. See which Dogwood you identify with the most, and you can bloom and grow together!


Just like the revolutionary Scarlet Fire Dogwood, you are the thinker getting lost in your thoughts and motivated by learning, invention, and thinking outside the box. You love to investigate new solutions and a quest for never-ending developments. You have a tenacity to improve systems and ideas while also being gracefully beautiful!

As a natural abstract thinker, the Scarlet Fire is a problem solver resisting disease and being low maintenance – they got it! Rich fuchsia blossoms like no other! The lush, dense foliage highlights those vivacious blooms lighting up your landscape in late spring and early summer! Also, keep an eye out for the Stellar Pink Dogwood, as they have a very similar personality!


More than just a pretty face, you have a beautiful big heart for nature and especially for the birds. You are inquisitive and curious, spending time being creative on ways to be the keeper of the natural world. Your unique style and generous heart make everyone gravitate towards your calm spirit. 

Pagoda Dogwood trees are full of compassion for birds and butterflies, as this delightful native plant is packed full of beneficial qualities and delicious fruits! Also referred to as “Pigeonberry”—a reference to the fact that passenger pigeons once adored the fruits. Help the National Audubon Society’s conservation efforts and stand out from the rest with unique branching structure and sweetly scented white flowers. Pagoda Dogwood is the gift that keeps on giving to not only your landscape but to our pollinating friends!

Bower & Branch Native White Dogwoods ( Cornus florida ) are great American Native Trees that also provide so many benefits for your local birds and wildlife!


As the Little Poncho Japanese Dogwood, you may be bashful and quiet, but you’re also highly conscientious and a friendly listener. You are very interested in those around you, seeking out authenticity and attention to detail. Letting others have the spotlight is your gift because you genuinely want to softly encourage. Little do you know that sometimes the most extraordinary things come in small packages. Your humble heart doesn’t go unseen, and your gorgeous colors always shine through as many of those around you easily fall in love with your sweet spirit. 

A petite gem, the Little Poncho Dogwood is the lustrous spirit we all didn’t know we needed. Blooming generous amounts of ivory flowers all summer long as the deep green foliage takes a backseat. Small touches of detail shine through the happier this tree gets with crimson-red fruits blooming late summer. It’s the bashful tree that isn’t aware of its beauty – commanding attention without overpowering your overall landscape design! If you like this adorable fella, you’ll also fall in love with the Red Pygmy Rutgers Dogwood! 


Being on Cloud Nine is something we all seek, and for the Blissful One, it happens naturally. Every situation- especially if it’s challenging- is a learning opportunity waiting to happen. Joy sings through your soul; your heart is quick to forgive as if you emanate an aura of peace and love that lifts up everyone around you. 

Bring your landscape into a state of euphoria with Cloud Nine Dogwoods. Marvel at their striking beauty and light-hearted personality. Rarely is it seen not full of color; even in the cool fall months, it puts on a sensational burgundy-red show. Illuminate your gardens, and brighten your mood – even the birds gravitate towards its cheerful fruit.


The original Japanese Dogwood, the old soul of the group. You have an insatiable appetite for wisdom and knowledge – yearning for a more peaceful simplistic life, with a record player filling your home with soothing jazz or Motown bops. You give advice well beyond your years while always looking fresh and spritely.

Enjoy year-round beauty and grace! Japanese Kousa Dogwood is a timeless classic and will turn heads boasting in brilliant white flowers. There’s nothing more majestic than a dogwood in spring, decked out with fabulous blooms! Its story began thousands of years ago, and to this day, we continue to learn more from this ancestral tree as we create exquisite cultivars stemming from this beauty!


Bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather the triumph over it. You’re willing to take chances and be fearless to follow your vision. As the Cherokee Brave, you are courageous to stand up for what you believe in—pursuing your purpose, while also helping to build others up to be valiant leaders as well.

Lucille Ball once said, “I am not funny; what I am is brave.” Cherokee Brave Dogwood encompasses a vigorous strength for being disease resistant while displaying brilliant blush toned blooms. Completely unafraid to show off its elegant colors in your garden as one of the first to emerge new life each spring. Never a dull moment in your backyard with this Dogwood. Check out its counterpart – the Cherokee Princess Dogwood!

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