6 Simple Landscaping Secrets

6 Simple Landscaping Secrets

Welcome to the truth about creating low-maintenance landscapes that cater to families, save energy, and accommodate busy schedules. Apologies in advance to landscape designers and architects, but this information is too crucial to ignore.

I, like many, find myself time-starved. Balancing golf, quality time with my children and grandchildren, gardening, and landscaping is a challenge. Who wouldn't want their own fruit and vegetable garden? But time becomes the hurdle. Sound familiar?

Every day demands choices about where to invest our time. Let's face it—maintaining a yard and garden for great results demands a luxury we lack.

However, I discovered a solution years ago that liberated both me and my landscape from this time crunch.

SECRET #1: Embrace Tree-Centric Landscaping

I advocate for landscaping primarily with trees—small, large, unique, and vibrant ones! This tree-centric approach forms a stunning treescape demanding minimal attention, creating easy-care gardens ideal for time-strapped individuals.

I plant purple beeches, sugar maples, sycamores, and white oaks, not just for aesthetics but to create family-friendly outdoor spaces for generations to come.

SECRET #2: Celebrate Seasonal Transformations

My favorite spectacle? The fall metamorphosis of trees. Choosing trees that boast vibrant fall foliage ensures my landscape remains colorful from spring through fall. While I might add a few mums or marigolds, it's the trees that steal the show.

SECRET #3: Winter Interest Matters Too

Winter isn't dull in my landscape. I select trees with intriguing branch architecture and unique evergreens that keep my treescape vibrant even in winter. Plus, some trees serve as perfect hosts for Christmas lighting, transforming my garden into a winter wonderland.

SECRET #4: Enhance with Spring Blooms

While not a priority, spring blooms are the icing on the cake. I opt for trees that offer not only stunning blooms but also year-round attributes that enhance my landscape.

SECRET #5: Trees for Family Spaces and Energy Efficiency

Beyond aesthetics, I strategically plant trees for wind protection, summer cooling, and winter warmth. They shade my house and car, creating energy-saving landscapes. Moreover, they cater to wildlife, benefitting both birds and pets.

SECRET #6: Designing Outdoor Living

More than trees in a landscape, I prioritize creating outdoor living spaces for my family. From tree climbing to picnics, fire pits, and tree houses—our family thrives in, on, and around trees. Even during scorching summers, we revel in cool outdoor spaces, like the horseshoe pit shaded by rows of white pines.

Upon closer inspection, some of the world's most enchanting landscapes owe their beauty to trees or their framing. Without trees, some of these landscapes wouldn't be possible.

Embracing low-maintenance landscaping with a focus on trees, creating family-centric outdoor spaces, and optimizing for seasonal variations has transformed not just my garden but my lifestyle. It's time to consider the power of tree-centric landscapes for your family's enjoyment, energy savings, and time efficiency.

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  • Anita South Carolina Z 8

    Great tips, Don! We certainly benefit a lot from our beautiful B&B new big trees, based on your excellent suggestions, planted by your great team. We look forward to seeing our landscape grow. It already has improved a feeling of ‘home’ with your trees, our ‘green friends.’ Great for us, the environment, and our birds, pollinators, and wildlife. All-around win! Thank you so much.

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