Audubon® Native Perennials

Bower & Branch is proud to exclusively grow Audubon®-approved Native Perennials, true native plants grown neonicotinoid free - ready to flourish in your landscape. Audubon® Native Perennials are built to thrive in their specific regions, adding an untouchable level of hardiness to their beauty. These spirits are the backbone of your garden, bringing color, texture, and fragrance year after year. Enjoy a succession of breathtaking blossoms as your garden comes to life, captivating and benefitting birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to these flowering natives as their main source of nutrients. Rebuild your local ecosystem in a bold display of Audubon®-approved Native Perennials. Savor the beauty of empowering your landscape, and discover the inspiration only Native Perennials can give.