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Native Plants for Birds

From a bird’s point of view, native plants are the tried-and-true food supply for a nest of begging beaks and the safest place to call home. Bower & Branch is the only licensed national provider of Audubon® Plants for Birds. We have dozens of native plants to make your backyard bird friendly. All Audubon® branded trees and plants are grown 100% Neonic-free.


Seasonal Trees & Plants

Seasonal color and texture are available right here at your fingertips with Bower & Branch as your landscaping companion! It's the perfect time to be outside. This is it. It's that time of year when it's okay to throw out the to-do list and slow down. Relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of warm nights and memories spent outside in the garden or enjoying each other's company around the lush and colorful patio–it's time to create your backyard retreat!

Red Prince Weigela

Waves of reblooming pink to red tubular flowers continuously bloom from spring through fall - attracting hummingbirds and butterflies!

Native Butterfly Weed

Native Butterfly Weed

This native perennial makes a fine addition to your backyard bird habitat. Its blaze-orange flowers lure in hummingbirds! The plant also attracts insects that birds find delicious–yum!


Pixie Meadowbrite Coneflower

A long-blooming perennial that puts out a parade of pretty purple-pink flowers. An ideal landing pad for butterflies, which relish the blooms. Hummingbirds and pollinators of all types are fond of them, too!


3-Year Tree Guarantee

We love what we grow & you will too. Our trees & plants are grown with your landsdcape and success in mind!



We're here to help


We Grow Outside the Box!

We specialize in delivering trees that cannot fit inside a box–in fact, we invented it.


How to Buy Trees & Plants Online

At Bower & Branch, our mission is to help homeowners bring the natural beauty, and extraordinary wonder that trees and plants offer into their own yard. We are proud to offer sustainably grown and USDA Certified Organic trees, as well as premium shrubs and perennials.

When you buy from Bower & Branch, you’re buying from a team of growers and local service providers eager to share their extensive knowledge in all matters of tree and plant care. We care about these plants, and we want them to thrive long after they’ve left our nurseries.

Discover New Plants

Discover New Plants

First, explore which flowering trees, evergreens, fruit trees, and other plants are eligible for your hardiness zone. These are plants that are most likely to thrive in your yard. You can always ask one of our plant whisperers for help!

Freshly Harvested

Freshly Harvested

Once you’ve made your selections and placed your order, our family of growers will tag your trees and plants. They will continue to care for your new plants until it’s time to ship. That way they’re harvested fresh!

Free Home Delivery

Free Home Delivery

Finally, your new trees and plants show up at your door, for free! Ready to be planted in their new forever home. We also offer planting services if you want our help with installation.

Reviews from Fellow Tree & Plant Lovers

In both conversations Wendi-Jo was positive and portrayed a true love and expertise for gardening that has certainly helped a novice like me.

P.s I am really excited to have an assortment of fruit growing in my backyard.  Thank you!! 4/13/21

Lauren H.

Great plants and great customer service! 2/5/2021

Kristy D.

This is why I LOVE Bower & Branch. Every little detail is just as it should be – delivering the extra that so few seem to do these days. From your site being so informative on each tree/product to your branding to shipping execution. The brand is woven throughout the consumer experience. So appreciated.

Kimberly K.