5 Steps to Growing Great Trees

5 Steps to Growing Great Trees

Our secret to growing great trees is to mimic nature as much as possible.


On Bower & Branch® nurseries, our growers are trained to look. It is important on the nursery and in your home gardens to learn how to recognize subtle changes. Being able to then identify the cause of those changes is critical, especially long before any serious issues can develop.


Many growers today overlook the most fundamental function of growing—walking your crops. Even on our large nurseries, Bower & Branch® growers always walk crops. It’s important to know what is taking place every step of the growing process and seeing it first-hand. 


We still grow our trees just one at a time. Even though we may grow thousands, each and every tree is hand-pruned three to four times during its growing time on the nursery, which can last over seven years.


Growing trees requires patience. Our growers avoid excessive synthetic fertilizers whenever possible, and we do not force “unnatural” rapid growth. Instead, we work to grow well first. We want healthy growth that will naturally support defense against pests and diseases.


Bower & Branch® growers are often among the second, third, and even fourth generation of family tree growers. Growing trees is not learned in a book; rather, it is learned through years of first-hand experience and meticulous care. It’s hard-won expertise that pays huge dividends for our customers. 

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