Need a Fast Growing Tree?

Need a Fast Growing Tree?

5 Things I Know For Sure About Selecting A Fast-Growing Tree

People ask me all the time what tree they should plant if they want a fast-growing tree. And I understand where they’re coming from. People plant trees to solve problems and to create opportunities, like camouflaging the less than desirable view next door or giving you a little shade where you like to read in the back yard.

But what you’re really looking for, I tell them, is a tree that performs the way you want it to, now and years from now. Not really a fast-growing tree.

Let me back up and start with the first thing I know for sure about fast-growing trees:

1) Every tree is a fast-growing tree. When they’re young. Growth rates in early years can be as much as 3 to 4 times faster than a more mature oak or maple, for example. On average, trees in the landscape can add 2-3 feet of new growth in a year. Some trees like dogwoods, slow down to 1-2 feet in a year. But on average, in just 5 years, most trees will be 10-15 feet larger than when they were planted and in just 10, they will reach 20-25 feet tall or wide.

2) The better question is how big do you want your tree to become? I speak from experience when I say that your best decision is to choose the right tree for what you want to enjoy tomorrow. A tree expert will help you find the tree that meets your needs, grows well where you want it to grow and has the physical characteristics you like. Then be intentional about planting that tree as soon as possible.

3) Because the best time to plant a tree was yesterday. And the second best time is today. The only regret I have in my growing career is not planting more trees, especially when I take such pleasure in the trees I planted years ago. Get yours in the ground and start enjoying them now.

4) Talk to experts when you want to make a smart planting choice. For a lot of retailers out there, trees are an afterthought. A ‘we sell these, too.’ Which is why there are so many ‘weed trees’ out there that were planted in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons…or no reason at all. You as homeowners are confused about how to choose the right trees and care for them, and no wonder!

We grow trees as a priority. We are deliberate in everything we do to help homeowners find the right tree for them. So here’s a quick guideline on some wonderful fast-growing trees that may be your perfect fit, but you’ll want to learn more about mature height/width, soil conditions and lifespan before you make your final choice:

THE FASTEST-GROWING DECIDUOUS TREES (lifespans of up to 100s of years)
 Weeping Willow
 Tulip Tree
 Dawn Redwood

 Autumn Blaze Maple

– Cherry
 Sweetbay Magnolia

– White Pine
 Green Giant Arborvitae

5) And never choose fast growing over well grown. With the proper information, you can choose trees that grow faster and are great planting choices for you and your area. But it’s equally important to choose the right grower or source for your trees.

Poorly grown trees will not grow quickly, no matter the variety. And trees planted young, as seedlings or as small trees will most likely disappoint you. Many online mail-order nurseries exaggerate size and growth rates. Fast growing is not a pre-requisite for vigorous, healthy or structurally sound.

To find out more about what it takes to grow a healthy tree, one that’s grown to succeed for a homeowner, visit We’re out to change the way people buy trees and to give them a reason to trust in everything we do.

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