Tree and Plant Encyclopedia

Welcome to the Bower & Branch Encyclopedia of Trees and Plants! Plants all around the world have been visited, celebrated, and planted for their unique wonder. We have been lucky enough to grace the presence of some of the rarest plants that should never be lost to history. We keep this library of knowledge close as Bower & Branch is more than just an online nursery; we love to be teachers as well - giving the gift of knowledge! This is not just a reference library; it's also an extension to fine-tune exactly what you're looking for, as we may just have something similar already! We are ever-growing our roots to expand our collection of trees and plants, so don't hesitate to reach out to our Plant Whispering Team to inquire about the status of a plant you may connect with in this reference library. In the meantime, enjoy exploring the beauty these plants behold and a place where you can read all about them while enjoying your morning cup of coffee.