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USDA Organic Audubon White Oak and native birds
Native White Oak tree planted in landscape with branches full of red-orange fall leaves
Native White Oak orange-yellow leaves on dark brown branch as seen from under the canopy
Native White Oak leaf transitioning from green to fall colored orange and yellow
Native Regions map for White Oak
Blue Jay
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Tufted Titmouse
Downy Woodpecker
USDA Organic Audubon White Oak and native birds
Native White Oak tree planted in landscape with branches full of red-orange fall leaves
Native White Oak orange-yellow leaves on dark brown branch as seen from under the canopy
Native White Oak leaf transitioning from green to fall colored orange and yellow
Native Regions map for White Oak
Blue Jay
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Tufted Titmouse
Downy Woodpecker

Audubon® Native White Oak - USDA Organic

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Audubon® Plants for Birds: Quercus alba

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May Benefit & Attract: Thrushes, waxwings, wood warblers, finches, mockingbirds & thrashers, chickadees & titmice, orioles, cardinals & grosbeaks, crows & jays, sparrows, nuthatches, vireos, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and wrens

  • A strong and sturdy, long living tree with extreme importance to many indigenous tribes throughout the United States and to various wildlife species
  • Dark green foliage covers the strong branching structures and transitions into a deep, fiery red fall foliage
  • This bird-friendly native plant provides food and shelter for local and migrating birds and other wildlife
  • All Audubon® branded trees and plants are grown 100% Neonic-free by Bower & Branch, making these trees safer for the birds and safer for the environment
  • The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow

USDA Organic crops are grown exclusively on land that has gone without having non-USDA Organic approved substances applied for three years

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Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Mature Height: 70-80' tall
  • Mature Width: 70-80' wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Spacing: 70-80' apart

Why plant Audubon® Native White Oak - USDA Organic?

Everyone knows that birds love seeds and berries. Planting trees that bear these types of food is a sure way to attract avian visitors to your yard. Few people realize, however, that insects are also crucial to many birds’ diets, especially when they’re raising their young. White Oak performs both of these roles splendidly. The large acorns (sweeter than those of other Oaks) feed jays, woodpeckers, turkey, grouse, and quail, while the wealth of insects the tree supports serves mockingbirds, robins, cardinals, grosbeaks, tanagers, chickadees, and many, many more. One of the best trees you can buy to support your local wildlife.

White Oak lumber was used to build the famous USS Constitution, and in World War II as the keels of mine sweepers and patrol boats - forever earning its place in history. For centuries it has been the preferred wood for those beautiful barrels found in wineries and whiskey distilleries. White oak is known for its strength and durability because of a microscopic tissue called tyloses that plug the vascular cells of wood, allowing to hold liquid. White oak is much more resistant to rot, and is suitable for water-holding applications, boatbuilding, and outdoor furniture.

How to use Audubon® Native White Oak - USDA Organic in the landscape?

This grand specimen is perfect as a shade tree and in large areas. It is incredibly stately with green foliage that has white undersides. During fall, foliage takes on purple-red hues. The bark is white to grey-white, earning its namesake. White Oaks are very adaptable and are even drought-tolerant once established.

Audubon® Native Plants & Trees - USDA Organic

Audubon® Plants for Birds Program

Audubon is devoted to protecting birds and the places they need, while Bower & Branch is devoted to the growth of true native trees and plants–no cultivars or hybrids. Together, we strive to unite communities in conservation and inspire individuals to cultivate a better world for birds starting in their own backyards, balconies, or patios. By guiding and recommending trees and plants truly native and beneficial to your region, we can really start to make a difference.

What is the definition of Native?

“In the United States, a native plant is defined as one that was naturally found in a particular area before European colonization. Native plants are the foundation of a region’s biodiversity, providing essential food sources and shelter for birds, especially those threatened by the changing climate. Since native plants are adapted to local precipitation and soil conditions, they generally require less upkeep, therefore helping the environment and saving you time, water, and money.” – The National Audubon Society

Learn how you can help birds in your home and community through Audubon’s Plants for Birds program.

Audubon® is a licensed and registered trademark of the National Audubon Society. All rights reserved.

What does it mean to be USDA Organically grown?

  • USDA Organic crops are grown exclusively on land that has gone without having non-USDA Organic approved substances applied for three years.
  • No pesticides for us, please! Organically grown crops are highly regulated on what can and cannot be used for pest control—worried about harsh chemicals that have been sprayed on your plant? There is only a small number of approved synthetic chemicals that are allowed to be used. Otherwise, farmers use strict biological, mechanical, and physical management practices.
  • Not just any type of seeds are used to grow and harvest organic plants: farmers can only use organic seeds or organically raised seedlings in their organic fields.
  • Only the best handling is allowed! Organic and non-organic crops are not allowed to be commingled or near each other. Cross-contamination can occur, botching the organic plant's purity due to non-organic substances that could have been sprayed on non-organic harvests; this would cause the organic plant to be considered compromised.
  • Fields are carefully cultivated through crop rotation and proper tillage practices to ensure that the soil and the soil's nutrients are kept at a happy balance. Animal manure, not sludge, is allowed to help infuse the soil with nitrogen to support the growth of the organic crops.

Planting Zones

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

How To Plant Audubon® Native White Oak - USDA Organic

This tree will require full sun and lots of room. Still with us? OK. The White Oak is a slow grower, but it does respond to extra doses of fertilizer and water when it's young. But don't let soil get too moist—Swamp White Oak is better-suited for that! Also, don't panic over a chewed leaf or two. Oaks are used to supporting an incredible variety of wildlife and can certainly take care of themselves!

How To Water

White Oak will appreciate watering deeply, and regularly during its first few years in the ground. Irrigate weekly, and especially during long dry spells or extreme heat after it’s established.

How To Fertilize

Incorporate Elements Starter Plant food granular form into the soil when planting. If planting in spring or summer, start fertilizing late fall using Elements Starter Plant food granular form on an annual basis each late fall. Continue this for the first three years to get your plant well established.

How To Prune

Being the mighty tree that the White Oak is, naturally it does not require pruning!

How Does Shipping Work?

Bower & Branch Trees, the real BIG trees, don’t fit in a box! Our big trees, sizes XL and bigger, require expert delivery and care, that means our extra-large trees are shipped on Bower & Branch trucks. We are the only ones who know how to ship our big and bigger trees and plants with tender loving care. We deliver your trees and plants directly to you. Ask Bower & Branch about planting services – we'd be happy to assist in installation.

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Shipping Delays:

From time to time, Bower & Branch Growers may determine to delay order shipment based on various factors for plant health. Weather in your region, as well as, where your plants are grown, is always considered when shipping. Extreme weather conditions may delay some or all of your order. Bower & Branch allows our Growers to make final shipping decisions based solely to benefit your trees and plants’ health and success.

How Does Sizing Work?

The size of our trees have nothing to do with the container size like you may find elsewhere–big doesn't mean just height - it’s also vigor, age, and overall health. Other online retailers are going to tell you that a plant is a seven gallon, that means nothing to your tree or plant (or you.)

Our trees for sale online are graded on large, x-large, and even bigger sizes. This is because our trees are sized by their age—the higher the letter, the more mature the tree. The age determines the trees’ overall height, size of the trunk and the overall branch density.

All of these characteristics are what you should be looking for when choosing a tree for immediate impact and instant curb appeal. Our extra-large tree and plant sizes are sure to wow you and your neighbors!

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Our Guarantees


Bower & Branch offers a Three-Year Tree Guarantee on all of our trees, sizes X-Large and up. Only the finest and the most experienced growers are awarded the opportunity to grow for Bower & Branch, so we offer the best guarantee available.

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At Bower & Branch, we do our best to honor all guarantee fulfillment requests to ensure customer satisfaction. However, we reserve the right to refuse the request if the required guarantee steps were not satisfied. Bower & Branch also reserves the right to deny any guarantee fulfillment request that is made as a result of animal damage, problems with plant hardiness and zone issues, or acts of nature (snow storms, hurricanes, and similar).


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