The weeping branches of a Weeping Cherry covered in light pink to white blooms

Six Wonderful Weeping Trees

Weeping trees evoke feelings of serenity. There's something about their picturesque forms that calms us when we're in their presence. The rhythmic rise and fall of their limbs speaks to us in soothing tones. The gentle sway of their branches in the breeze is the epitome of grace. Weeping trees bring an air of romance to the landscape. They are pure poetry. Here are six weeping trees that will bring elegance to your landscape with their flowing forms, whether you have a spacious estate or a modest lot. 

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech

Power meets grace in the Purple Fountain Weeping Beech, a long-lived and splurge-worthy specimen Tree with an especially unusual weeping form. This showpiece naturally develops a prominent central leader that proudly shoots skyward like a spire while its side branches weep strongly all around. The branches are clothed in foliage that emerges a vibrant crimson color, becoming a deep purple in summer and turning shades of butterscotch in autumn before falling. Consider this impressive living sculpture an investment in your home, as it will only get more valuable (and more magnificent) with each passing year. Check out the Weeping European Beech, too!

Summer Cascade River Birch

The fast-growing Summer Cascade River Birch will paint a restful picture all season with its lovely weeping shape and serrated leaves that flutter in the breeze. In the fall, the foliage turns a warm buttery yellow before dropping to display peach-colored bark. This special selection of our native River Birch Tree will serve as a daily reminder of our natural heritage. It is also more heat-tolerant and more resistant to pests and diseases than most other Birches. Another great weeping birch tree is our Young's Weeping Birch, view it here!

3 Chaparral Weeping Mulberry

The Chaparral Weeping Mulberry Tree doesn’t grow like a regular Mulberry Tree. Instead, it stays much smaller. And, instead of reaching for the sky, its branches cascade to the ground. This fast-growing weeper may be just the ticket when you want a special Tree to set off an area of your landscape but don’t want to wait forever for it to bulk up. The kids will enjoy discovering the secret space underneath Chaparral’s thick canopy of foliage.

Three weeping trees - the green leafed Chaparral Weeping Mulberry, the purple leafed Purple Fountain Weeping Birch and the green leafed Summer Cascade River Birch


4 Weeping Flowering Cherry

Perhaps you thought of the Weeping Flowering Cherry Tree at the mention of weeping trees. This popular Tree delivers springtime cheer to many neighborhoods with its arching branches smothered in sweet pink cherry blossoms. The Pink Weeping Cherry can become a rather large Tree, however, and it isn’t the best choice when space is limited. 

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry

In smaller gardens, you may want to try the petite Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry Tree. This stylish Tree’s branches arch and fall straight down like a curtain and will sweep the ground if you let them. In early spring, a mini avalanche of frosty white blossoms engulfs its branches. In the fall, tones of crimson and orange set its dark green foliage ablaze. Our Trunk Twist Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree has an eye-catching shape that commands attention all year long. 

6 Pink Heartbreaker® Weeping Redbud

The Pink Heartbreaker® Weeping Redbud is a Bower & Branch® original that will lend easy elegance to your landscape with its pendulous branches clad in large heart-shaped leaves. In early spring, you'll be treated to a parade of delicate pink blossoms that line its charcoal-gray stems. We’ve found this looker to be as rugged as it is beautiful; its branches are stronger than the older Weeping Redbud, Lavender Twist, and are more resistant to breakage. We think you’ll also be pleased with how fast Pink Heartbreaker® grows while staying compact enough for small gardens.

Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud with green leaves and a close up of the lavender pink flowers - Weeping Flowering Cherry with green leaves and a close up of the light pink flowers - Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry with green leaves and a close up of the white flowers

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